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カタールフレンド基金 メディアブリーフィングを開催 
Qatar Friendship Fund media briefing





Qatar Friendship Fund (QFF) was established in 2011 to support the reconstruction efforts following the Great Eastern Japan Earthquake. Candlewick is tasked with improving understanding of QFF and their activities and working with local and international media. On August 29, Candlewick arranged a press briefing with nine reporters from national newspapers, economic publications and specialist magazines.

QFF’s key activities and the current status of its 10 chosen projects were explained to the attending journalists by Dr. Lim from Mitsubishi Research Institute, Inc., a member of the QFF team and involved in the management and execution of the fund.

QFF is a reconstruction model consisting of projects that can contribute to three of the northeastern prefectures, unlike other charities that only handle the donation of funds. QFF supports projects that foster employment, revitalization of cities and the sustainable development of industries following the devastating earthquake and tsunami.

Its three main characteristics are speedy, to reach out quickly to those in need, sustainability, to ensure the project can be managed within the region after the support period ends, and marketing, for QFF and Qatar to be more broadly known and understood by people of Japan.

Although the topic of reconstruction support is being discussed less and less in the media three years after the disaster, with QFF’s support, Candlewick would like to generate stories that continue to nurture the dreams and hopes of people involved in each project.

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