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ストッケ ステップス発表会  Stokke Steps Launch Party

先日9月2日にノルウェーのベビー用品ブランド ストッケの革新的な新商品、ストッケ ステップスの発表会を南青山で開催しました。
On Tuesday, a launch party was held in Minami Aoyama for Stokke, the high quality baby products and accessories brand from Norway, to introduce their latest innovative product Stokke Steps.

The product is based on a revolutionary concept – an all-in-one seating system that combines a bouncer with a high chair. By combining various parts together, the seating system can be used for children from birth all the way through to the age of 10. In addition to its innovative products, its Scandinavian origin means not only high quality, but also a design that blends in perfectly with your interior surroundings.

To showcase the wonderful design and the ability of Stokke Steps to blend perfectly with interior surroundings, a room was created at the venue with the help of leading furnishings shop, SEMPRE.

A Scandinavian ‘home party’ environment was created for guests with Norwegian coffee prepared by Fuglen Tokyo and food by organic catering service Mama Luli.

The launch proved to be a very lively party with more than 40 guests in attendance – a mixture of mums-to-be and mums with babies and toddlers. Everyone was able to try out the bouncer and chair, enthusiastically asking questions about all of Stokke’s other products. Some guests commented, “I was surprised by the idea of combining a bouncer and chair together; it seems very comfortable for the baby; it is great that you can use it for children up to 10 years old.”

A group photo shows the genuine support for the brand and Stokke’s philosophy, ‘In the best interest of the child.’

During the second half of the party, journalists were invited to listen to a presentation to learn more about Stokke’s business and its success. Two sessions were held featuring Ms. Yuka Macaron who shared her experiences as a kindergarten teacher and in her current role as a private chef, talked about the importance of sitting together with children at the dining table to create a suitable environment for them. As a mother of a 7-month old child, the entire audience listened carefully to her captivating talk and meaningful words.

Lively discussions took place on social media platforms such as Instagram with journalists and bloggers leading up to the October 1 launch.



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