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オーストラリア発、デザインと機能性を追求した新しいマスク “TECMASK (テックマスク) ”、ついに日本上陸! 
TECMASK Launches in Japan!



January 2015 saw the launch of TECMASK in Japan. This Australian brand is taking a new approach to disposable masks – why wear a boring white mask, when you can wear one in style? With nearly 20 designs available, and more on the way, TECMASK is the new art of breathing…..



We supported TECMASK’s launch with the organization of a pop-up store in Showcase, within the Spiral building in Tokyo.




This 5-day event welcomed many visitors, from both Japan and overseas, and was especially popular for people wanting to find that extra special gift for their friends or loved-ones.

Tecmask-Popup (14)



We welcomed fashion stylist Mana Kawai to the pop-up store. As well as arranging fashion displays, she also advised visitors on the best way to coordinate their new TECMASK with their outfits.

Tecmask-Popup (8)

TECMASKは特にデザイン性が注目を浴びており、VOGUEをはじめとする様々なデジタルメディアでご紹介いただきました。マスクを掲載するケースは過去になかったのでは?さらに、NHK『あさイチ』や日本テレビ『news every.』も弊社オフィスでTECMASKを取材、全国放送して頂きました。

TECMASK has already appeared in many online media – including Vogue! Perhaps the first time such a prominent fashion magazine has featured masks? But it just goes to show how stylish the TECMASK designs are. Nationwide NHK Television program “Asaichi” and Nihon Television’s “News Every” also visited the Candlewick office to interview and cover TECMASK – and both programmes were shown nationwide.



TECMASK not only looks good, but its N95 filter means you are protected – from viruses, pollen, and PM2.5. Its’ silk touch inner layer means it not only feels smooth against your skin, but it also doesn’t smear your make-up. We look forward to even more designs soon – in the meantime, keep accessorizing with TECMASK!

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