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A Guinness World Record® for the ‘Largest Kendama Lesson’

The participants with joy of being awarded the Guinness World Records.


On February 22nd, the ‘Shirakawa Qatar Sports Park’ opened in Fukushima’s Shirakawa-city, with the support of the Qatar Friend Fund (QFF). QFF financially supports various reconstruction projects of those areas affected by The Great East Japan Earthquake.



Kendama, a traditional Japanese cup and ball game, has attained worldwide popularity. Candlewick supported the organization of the ‘Largest Kendama Lesson’, in which over 250 people participated. This was the first time such a large Kendama lesson had taken place, and the event at this new sporting venue secured Shirakawa City a spot in the Guinness World Record Book .
On the day of the ceremony, participants were given an original pouch made using traditional Qatar textiles, together with a Kendama with logos of Shirakawa-city and QFF at the entrance of the newly opened  ‘ANNABI Sports Plaza’. The participants then moved up to futsal court where a Guinness World Record adjudicator waited to counted and confirm participant numbers. A total of 280 participants were officially counted at the event.


  (Left) The participants challenging the world records at the Largest Kendama Lesson.

  (Right) The original pouch and Kendama    


At the beginning of the event, actor and QFF goodwill ambassador Mr. Tetsuya Bessho cheered the participants and this was followed by an explanation of the rules, given by the official record adjudicator. Finally, the ‘Largest Kendama Lesson’ began!! We welcomed Mr. Nobuaki ‘NOB’ Kawamoto,   KENDAMAN, as the guest speaker. He is a pioneer of street style Kendama and has lectured on the history and universal design of Kendama, as well as the many styles of Kendama played internationally and amazing live performance.


Mr. Tetsuya Bessho, QFF Goodwill ambassador, local children and members of QFF interact through Kendama.



Mr. Nobuaki ‘NOB’ Kawamoto gave an entertaining lecture on the history of Kendama.



Largest Kendama Lesson


Monitoring of the Guinness World Records was very strict and throughout the lesson 6 observers closely watched to see if anyone left the room, or were not listening to/ participating in the lecture. Unfortunately, a few people were disqualified, but the final count saw 268 citizens officially accredited as members of the ‘Largest Kendama Lesson’. The official certificate of the Guinness World Records® was proudly granted to Shirakawa-city’s Board of Education.


左よりギネスワールドレコーズ公式認定証を受け取る白河市教育委員 伊藤渉教育長、ギネスワールドレコーズ公式認定員 ウカソヴァさん
Mr. Wataru Ito , a head of Shirakawa-city board of education receiving the official certificate of the Guinness World Records from the record adjudicator Ms. Wakasova.


Children with level accreditation certificates granted by the Japan Kendama Association.


The official certificate is now displayed at the entrance of the ANNABI Sports Plaza and will welcome the many people visiting there. We were proud and happy to successfully hold an opening ceremony that’s sure to be remembered by the all the participants.

The Guinness World Records® is a registered trademark of the Guinness World Records Ltd.