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ニューカレドニア観光局 プレス発表会! 
New Caledonia Tourism – the big launch!

先日、東京・虎ノ門、アンダーズ東京にて行われた、ニューカレドニア観光局 2015年新観光プロモーション プレス発表会にて、キャンドルウィックは、イベントの企画から会場装飾、食事のディレクションなど多岐に渉って担当しました。その様子をご紹介します。

The New Caledonia Tourism 2015 Promotion Media Event was recently held at Andaz Tokyo Toranomon Hills. Candlewick supported this event from overall planning of the event, through to venue decoration and space design, as well as direction of the food menu.


こちらはプレス発表会会場の様子。バナーやポスター、オフィシャルガイドブックなど、ビジュアルの製作物も新しいニューカレドニア観光のテーマ、”Revalue Yourself” に合わせ、一新しました。

Here are some photos from the venue. New visual designs for banners, posters, and an original guidebook were created, in line with the new promotional theme “Revalue Yourself”.




We also created some space for visitors to feel the ambience of the southern islands, with swimming suits designed in collaboration with the New Caledonia Tourism and the Japanese swimwear brand “GUACAMOLE” on show. Pilot products using essential oil from New Caledonia’s indigenous plant “niaouli” were also on display. Sand and greenery were used to spice up the display and create a truly New Caledonia ambiance to the display.



プレス発表会の後は、52FのROOFTOP STUDIOにて、ビュッフェランチをご用意しました。ニューカレドニアの郷土料理であるブーニャや、ニューカレドニア特産の絶品食材「天使のエビ」のカクテル、に加え、デザートには、フランス領ならではの美味しいエクレアで、ニューカレドニアの絶景“マングローブのハート”を表現しました。

After the media event, a buffet-style lunch was held at the ROOFTOP STUDIO on the 52nd floor of the hotel. New Caledonian cuisine awaited the guests, such as the traditional dish “bougna”, and an exquisite shrimp cocktail using the superb New Caledonian blue prawn, otherwise known as the “Angel Prawn”. For dessert, a beautiful éclair crafted with the culinary techniques of the French territory was shaped in the famous New Caledonia’s “Coeur de Voh”, or the heart-shaped mangrove.



Guests especially enjoyed the New Caledonian cocktail, “envol”. This drink, named after the French word for “flight” was provided as a welcome drink. The cocktail was designed to represent the beautiful New Caledonian waters that can be seen from high above when flying to this paradise.




A pure white objet, created with sand in resemblance of the white beaches of New Caledonia, adorned the entrance of the buffet hall. Guests enjoyed looking around, sampling the good food, and taking photos and sharing them on SNS with #newcaledonia.



◆ 公式コンセプトサイト、オフィシャルムービー、および、観光親善大使の田丸麻紀さん、賀来賢人さんのムービーをぜひこちらからご覧ください!

Please click here to see the Concept Website, official video clip, and the official videos of the New Caledonia PR Ambassadors – Maki Tamaru and Kento Kaku