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Three cities host Tourism Malaysia Promotional Events

Last month, Candlewick supported Tourism Malaysia in running three seminars targeting the travel industry and media personnel in three different cities in Japan; namely, Tokyo, Nagoya, and Fukuoka. With Dato Mirza Mohammad Taiyab Beg, the Director General of Tourism Malaysia, flying in from Malaysia for the prestigious 2015 Tourism Promotion Seminars, Candlewick assisted the event organization, media attraction, and arrangement of interviews.



今回の観光セミナーでは、今年の観光プロモーションテーマである「イヤー・オブ・フェスティバル2015」にちなんで、多民族国家のマレーシアならではの年間200以上行われる多様な文化的、宗教的お祭りやイベントについて代表的なものをご紹介するとともに、最新の現地 情報や、文化・自然遺産などの豊富な観光資源の魅力などをご紹介しました。
For this series of seminars, in line with this year’s promotion theme “Year of festivals 2015”, major festivities were selected and introduced to the audience from more than 200 festivals and events held throughout the year. These festivals and events, all diverse, have unique cultural and religious roots. Latest local information and the charms of the country’s abundant tourist resources, such as cultural and natural heritage sites, were also promoted at these seminars.



The major ethnic groups in Malaysia are known as Malay, Chinese, Indian, and indigenous tribes, but to be precise, there are 183 ethnic groups using 84 languages in the Malay Peninsula and Borneo. The people of Malaysia live peacefully and respect the religion, culture, and lifestyle of each group, while retaining their own language and religion. Malaysia is truly one of the most multiracial nations in the world.



At the reception following the seminar, Dato Mirza Mohammad Taiyab Beg announced that Malaysia has won first place for nine consecutive years in the long-stay destination ranking (by the Long Stay Foundation). Colorful Malaysian cuisine, elaborately prepared by hotel chefs, were enjoyed by attendants, followed by a lucky draw (lottery) with flight tickets for the lucky winners.



Dato Mirza, the General Director, spoke of the unwavering popularity of Malaysia as a tourist destination, mentioning that “Our country meets all the basic conditions for the Japanese to visit and stay such as: being a safe and comfortable place, with low living costs, almost no time difference, having a fairly mild climate, cuisine that matches the Japanese taste buds, and appropriate medical services. The infrastructure is high quality and well established, and with the wide use of English, there is little concern regarding the language barrier. People with Japanese nationality can obtain a maximum ten year (renewable) MM2H (Malaysia My 2nd Home) visa.”



Malaysia is known to be very friendly. Because of its multi-ethnic and multicultural background, Malaysians seem to know that mutual respect is crucial for communication. During your next visit to Malaysia, try finding your own charm. Do look forward for more PR promotion activities by Candlewick this year, with more messages conveying the appeal of the diverse and colorful Malaysia.