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「ことりっぷ ニューカレドニア」出版記念トークイベント 
@代官山 蔦屋書店 
“Co-Trip New Caledonia” Launch Event at Tsutaya


先月、「ことりっぷ ニューカレドニア」の出版およびニューカレドニアの魅力を広めることを目的として、代官山 蔦屋書店にて出版記念トークイベントを行いました。
A talk show event upon the publication of the latest installment of the popular guidebook series, “Co-trip New Caledonia” was held at Daikanyama Tsutaya Books last month. Talk show guests talked about the many attractions of this beautiful country.


Candlewick planned this event from start to finish, which included creating contents and presentations, managing and executing the event, inviting the audience, and handling all media and customer inquiries.

Short movies on New Caledonia were shown before the talk show with Ms. Maki Tamaru, New Caledonia’s PR Ambassador, and Mr. Sachio Araki, a writer and travel concierge. Ms. Tamaru shared her first-trip experience with her son to New Caledonia along with some secret side stories, recommended spots, restaurants and must-buy souvenirs.

Even though it rained continuously on the day of the event, around fifty guests attended, all chosen by lottery, with some bringing exciting news such as “I am going to New Caledonia on Saturday!” and “I always spend the New Year’s vacation in New Caledonia”. These positive comments showed that the name value of this wonderful destination, and demand to visit New Caledonia is increasing thanks to our PR efforts throughout 2015.



Members of the audience posted their reports on the event via various SNS and blog pages as below: