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STEAMCREAMサンスクリーン新商品発表会  Candlewick proudly presents STEAMCREAM’s new sunscreen product

先日、東京・代々木、代々木ヴィレッジ内のcode kurkkuにて行われた、STEAMCREAMサンスクリーンの新商品発表会「Steam Sensation!」を企画・実施しました。その様子をご紹介します。
A press meeting was held recently at code kurkku, Yoyogi Village in Yoyogi, Tokyo, for the new product launch of STEAMCREAM’s sunscreen. Entitled “Steam Sensation!”, Candlewick supported from planning to direction.
STEAMCREAM is a moisturizing cream for the whole body, made with high-temperature steam to blend natural ingredients together. The cream is very smooth and moisturizing. This skincare, which incorporates the essentials necessary for the skin, was created in 2007. On May 20th, STEAMCREAM launched its new face/body product that combines moisturizing and anti-UV effects, namely the “STEAMCREAM Sunscreen”. This is a must-buy for the summer season and its strong UV rays.
To underline the image of STEAMCREAM, with the strictly selected, high-quality plant material abundantly used to create the formula, we created a decoration of flowers such as lavenders, roses, and chamomiles, whose essential oil is extracted and used in the cream. The venue was filled with the aroma of lavender, dispersed from a diffuser, creating a relaxing environment.
After the presentation from STEAMCREAM, we had a talk show with Hiromi Yamamoto, the renowned hair & makeup artist. Ms. Yamamoto’s company is named “Steam”. Steam has many benefits, such as making creams smoother and softer, and other delicate effects. But it also has a strong side, such as moving large machinery. Ms. Yamamoto chose this name because she was fascinated by the different faces that steam has.
In the talk show, she introduced a quick and easy way to prepare a steamed towel, and a new face-washing procedure using this towel and STEAMCREAM. (You can prepare a steamed towel by rolling up the towel horizontally, then pouring hot water in the center of the roll. Do the same from the other side, and voila! A steamed towel is ready, without the need to use a microwave oven.)
The audience was excited by Ms. Yamamoto’s talk session and this new face-washing technique.
A buffet lunch was ready for the participants on the terrace after the talk show. In relation to the “steam” method of the product, the menu was steamed finger food, such as steamed vegetables with Bagna cauda sauce and steamed cherry salmon with salted lemons.
After lunch, there was a live demonstration of how STEAMCREAM is made. The actual cream was made in front of the audience’s eyes, and passed around the audience to try. The demonstration clearly showed how STEAMCREAM is created from only natural ingredients, through a simple process.
It is important in summer to keep the skin moisturized to maintain peak condition. How about adding STEAMCREAM sunscreen to your beauty arsenal this year to  provide essential UV and moisturizing care?
★スチームクリーム公式ウェブサイト  (STEAMCREAM official website):http://www.steamcream.co.jp/



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