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英国大使館のエリザベス女王陛下の誕生祝賀パーティーに参加  Queen Elizabeth II’s Birthday Party at the British Embassy

駐日英国大使館が運営する Export to Japan のパートナーとして、英国大使館で開かれたエリザベス女王陛下の誕生祝賀会に光栄にも招待されました。Export Japan は、英国企業が事業拡大のために日本市場進出を考える際、有益な情報、アドバイス、実践的なサポートを行うオンラインのプラットフォームで、キャンドルウィックは2013年11月より、日本におけるPR&マーケティングのスペシャリストとして、オフィシャルパートナーに選ばれています。
As an Export to Japan partner, the Candlewick team were lucky enough to be invited to celebrate the Queen’s Birthday party at the British Embassy. Export to Japan provides British companies interested in entering and expanding their business in the Japanese market with online advice, information and practical support. Since November 2013, Candlewick has been an official partner specializing in PR and marketing.
Japanese, Brits and other nationalities celebrated Her Majesty’s birthday in style, mingled and chatted under clear skies at this distinguished garden party. We were even treated to wax works of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge – provided by, of course, Madame Tussauds. And finally, a fabulous portrait photograph taken by none other than David Bailey was unveiled. At 89 years old, the Queen really does show us how to grow old in the most elegant of styles.
パーティーを主催したティム・ヒッチンズ駐日英国大使は、スピーチで英国での革新の重要性について述べられ、2月のケンブリッジ公爵殿下(ウィリアム王子)訪日に合わせてスタートした「Innovation is Great」キャンペーンを紹介、そして、祝賀会に展示されていたイギリス製の衛星やロボットなどのプロジェクトをお披露目しました。
The host, Ambassador Tim Hitchens, highlighted the importance of innovation in the UK. When The Duke of Cambridge visited Japan in February of this year, he launched the British “Innovation is GREAT” campaign, and the Queen’s Birthday party offered visitors the chance to see British-developed satellites, robots and other innovative projects from around the British Isles.
写真 (c)British Embassy Tokyo Alfie Goodrich
There was a great offering of food, each with their own bilateral flair: fish & chips with a shiso dressing anyone? Or tomato, watermelon and blue cheese salad? Delicious drinks were also on offer – English organic cordial, British sparkling wine or a Japanese gin & tonic take your fancy?
写真 (c)British Embassy Tokyo Alfie Goodrich
Guests were also wowed by the absolutely stunning cars as they entered the embassy – a showcase of the best that Aston Martin, Bentley, Maclaren, Rolls-Royce and Jaguar Land Rover have to offer. Guests had the chance not only to drool over, but also sit in these gorgeous cars – and pretend just for one minute that they owned them.
All of us here at Candlewick would like to wish Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II a very Happy Birthday, and offer a big thank you to the British Embassy for inviting us to join in with these elegant celebrations.



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