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New Zealand grass-fed beef live cooking and buffet dinner

ニュージーランドの豊かな大自然の中で、牧草だけを食べて育つ完全放牧のニュージーランド牧草牛。業界とメディア関係者を対象にその魅力をお伝えするイベント「アンバサダーシェフが魅せる、ニュージーランド牧草牛」を大阪と東京で開催しました。日本国内での認知促進と販路拡大を目的として活動しているビーフ アンド ラム ニュージーランドが主催で、キャンドルウィックはイベントの企画運営と来場者誘致をお手伝いしました。
New Zealand grass-fed cattle are raised free-range in the rich pastures of New Zealand. The “Ambassador Chef roasts the charms of New Zealand grass-fed beef” event was recently held in Osaka and Tokyo for industry and media representatives. The event was hosted by Beef + Lamb New Zealand, aiming to increase brand recognition and sales channels. Candlewick supported the event from planning to execution, and the invitation of guests.



The main event of the night was the cooking demonstration by one of the Beef + Lamb New Zealand 2016 Ambassador Chefs, Scott Kennedy. He cooked large cuts of New Zealand grass-fed beef using amazing techniques to make the best out of the meat.



Guests tasted the two dishes Chef Kennedy had just prepared in front of them. Many guests praised the beef as “very tasty and soft”, and many participants from the food and beverage industry said they would like to serve New Zealand grass-fed beef at their eateries.


The hotel provided a buffet dinner after the demonstration, using various cuts of New Zealand grass-fed beef. The guests enjoyed the tasty beef dishes, which the hotel chefs cooked in elaborate ways, along with New Zealand wine. Many stayed on after the official end of the event, asking questions to Chef Kennedy and commenting on the beef.



会の冒頭で、ビーフ アンド ラム ニュージーランド 日本代表のジョン・ハンドルビーさんがプレゼンテーションしたニュージーランド牧草牛の豊富な栄養価と高い安全性についても、多くの共感のお声を頂きました。特に牧草地と牧草の徹底した研究、トレーサビリティなどの安全管理についての関心が高く、安全な食材に対する意識の高まりを実感しました。
Many guests were also very satisfied by the presentation made by Mr. John Hundleby, Beef + Lamb New Zealand Japan and South Korea Market Manager. Mr. Hundleby explained how New Zealand grass-fed beef is rich in nutrients and food safety. A strong focus was placed on the extended research on the pastures and grass, and safety management measures such as maintaining high traceability, reflecting the high interest in food safety.



Candlewick staff are all big fans of the safe, healthy, and needless to say, great tasting New Zealand grass-fed beef! We will continue our efforts to spread the message about this high-quality meat.

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