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ニュージーランド生まれのプレミアムペットフード K9ナチュラル メディア・イベント開催 
K9 Natural Media Event – New Zealand’s premium pet food brand


K9 Natural Japan was established six years ago with a wish to deliver high-quality products to homeowners’ beloved dogs and cats in Japan. It imports and sells K9 Natural and Feline Natural products, which are highly popular among pet-lovers around the world.



キャンドルウィックは、年初よりPR&マーケティング活動をサポートし、先日、初めてメディア向けのイベントをキャンドルウィックオフィス内で開催しました。当日は、新聞、一般誌、ペット関連メディアの方々、約15名にご参加いただき、K9ナチュラルの製品の特長や、ペット先進国のアメリカでのペット市場の動向、および第3者の立場から、獣医師とヒューマン・ドッグ トレーナーのお二方を迎え、ワンちゃん、ネコちゃんにとって本当に良い食事とは?といったテーマでお話いただきました。

Candlewick has been supporting K9 Natural Japan’s PR and marketing since the beginning of the year, and recently conducted K9 Natural Japan’s first media event at the Candlewick office. The event attracted around 15 people from newspapers, magazines, and specialized pet media. The participants learned about the features of K9 Natural products and the pet market trends in the U.S.A., a leading nation in the pet market. They also listened to third-party opinions on an ideal meal for dogs and cats presented by a dog trainer and a veterinarian.



まず初めに、K9ナチュラルジャパン 代表取締役のコリンズ美由記氏より、アメリカやヨーロッパなどのペット先進国に比べ、日本はまだペットのクオリティー・オブ・ライフ(QOL)が低い点について、問題提起がありました。そして大切なパートナーであるペットの健康のために、ワンちゃん、ネコちゃんの目線にたった食事選びの大切さを、もっと多くの方に知っていただく必要があること。そして、そのためにはメディアの方々の協力が不可欠であるとし、ぜひ正しい情報発信にご協力いただきたいと熱く呼びかけました。

Miyuki Collins, Director of K9 Natural Japan, pointed out that the quality of life (QOL) of the pets in Japan is quite low compared to those in the U.S.A. and Europe, which are leading nations in the pet market. She highlighted the importance of selecting food from the pets’ point of view to maintain the health and well-being of these beloved pet partners. She also expressed her passion to increase awareness of this fact, as well as her belief that this cannot be done without the help of the media. She asked for cooperation in communicating the correct information to the public.




The 3 major features of K9 Natural products were introduced with a slide show. Firstly, the ingredients are 100% from New Zealand, where food safety is strictly controlled on a national level and where there has never been an outbreak of BSE or foot-and-mouth disease. Secondly, K9 focuses on the natural feeding habits of dogs and cats and uses more than 90 % (more than 99% for cats) of meat edible for humans. The products are gluten-free and do not include any grains, beans, or potatoes, which are unnecessary in dogs’ and cats’ diets. Thirdly, the products are made using the K9 original unheated freeze-dry method to prevent damaging the nutrients and enzymes.


The participants enthusiastically took notes and picked up the food samples to check the smell and the lightness of the freeze-dried food.




Following the hour-long presentation, a buffet featuring cuisine made from New Zealand ingredients was offered on Candlewick’s spacious roof garden. Some comments from participants included: “It was a very informative event. I would like to learn more about pet food.”; “It was meaningful to learn that freeze-dry pet food is gaining popularity in the U.S.A. and I was able to foresee the trend of pet food in Japan.”; “Pets are the same as humans – their health and well-being depends on the quality of their diet.”




Candlewick looks forward to promoting, through the media, the importance of making food choices from the pets’ point of view and aims for further enhancement of pets’ QOL in Japan.