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Aqua sports & spaプレスプレビュー開催 
Aqua sports & spa press preview

先月末、Aqua sports & spaの6月1日のオープンに先駆けて、メディアの方へのプレスプレビューを行いました。
A press preview of Aqua sports & spa was held in late May, just before its official opening on June 1.


Hydrate your lifeをコンセプトにした二子玉川にオープンしたAqua sports & spaは、ライフスタイルを高める全く新しいメンバーシップクラブです。
Various media gathered to see the facilities and services of Aqua sports & spa, which is a whole new kind of a membership club that helps improve your lifestyle. The club opened in Futako-Tamagawa, under the concept “Hydrate your life”.


地上5階地下1階建て約6700平米のクラブは、二子玉川の富士山を眺める多摩川沿いの丘に立地。50mプール、ジム、天然温泉、スパ、ラウンジ、カフェ(AQUA CAFE)を完備。クラブ内にはレセプションがなく、駐車場からすべての施設をシームレスで使用でき、メンバーは自宅の延長として、日常的にクラブのある生活を取り入れることができます。
The club is situated along the Tamagawa river with a view of Mt. Fuji in the fashionable city of Futako-Tamagawa. With five floors above ground and one floor under ground, the club has approximately 6,700 square meters (or almost 1.66 acres) of floor space in total. Club members can spend their time at a 50m swimming pool, a gym, a natural hot spring bath, a spa, a lounge, or a cafe (AQUA CAFE). There is no reception desk, and guests can seamlessly access all facilities directly from the parking lot, as if the club was a part of their home. This way, Aqua sports & spa can easily become part of your daily life.



当日は、水戸徳川の別邸跡地に建ち、心から寛げるもうひとつの邸宅として細部までこだわった当施設をクラブ代表の除野健男様よりメディアの方にご紹介しました。温泉では、実際に浴槽に手を入れていただき、クラブの敷地内で新たに掘削に成功した温泉の泉質をお試しいただきました。また、カフェでは素材にこだわった100%ビーフのAQUA CAFEバーガープレートをご試食いただきました。
Club owner Mr. Takeo Yokeno showed guests around the facility. The property used to be an estate of a great establishment of the Edo era, the Mito Tokugawa clan. The club, with its meticulously designed facilities to make members relax as if it was their second home, maintains this spirit. The guests at the press preview actually put their hands in the “onsen” bath, or natural hot spring, to have a firsthand experience of the quality of the spring water. After the tour, the guests tried out the 100% beef hamburger plate at AQUA CAFÉ, where all items are made from strictly chosen organic ingredients.



Guests from various media praised Aqua sports & spa with comments such as “it would be fantastic if I could use this facility as my home base”, “the concept of improving your lifestyle at a club ‘as if it was your home’ is really new”.

今後、クラブでは生活を豊かにする様々なイベントを企画、実施していく予定です。Aqua sports & spaからクラブのある生活、新しいライフススタイルの提案をより多くの皆様に発信できるよう、PR活動をサポートしていきます。
The club is planning to launch various events that will add more color to your lifestyle. Candlewick will support Aqua sports & spa by promoting a rich life with a club that improves your daily life, and propose ideas that will make everybody’s way of life even better.

Aqua sports & spa

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スタイリッシュなノルウェーのベビー用品ブランドStokke ~メディアイベントを開催~ 
Media gather to check out stylish Norwegian children’s brand Stokke’s products

スタイリッシュなデザインと高い機能性で知られるノルウェーのベビー用品ブランド、Stokke(ストッケ)が、日本初のショールームの初めてのお披露目を兼ねて、親子ともに快適な使い心地のベビーキャリア 「ストッケ マイキャリア」 のメディア向け最新モデル発表会を開催しました。キャンドルウィックは、その企画・運営を行いました。
Stokke, the stylish Norwegian children’s brand known for its nifty design and high functionality, held a media event at its first showroom in Japan, to showcase the latest model of “Stokke® MyCarrierTM”, the 3-in-1 ergonomic baby carrier that does not compromise on comfort for either the baby and the parent. Candlewick was responsible for planning and carrying out this event.



ストッケは、「Growing together.TM 共に育む」をコアコンセプトに掲げて、「子どもの目線を第一に考えた製品づくり」をしているブランドです。今回新しくなったマイキャリアも、もちろん、子どもとともに成長し、子どもの目線を第一に考えた製品。加えて、ストッケ マイキャリアがユニークなのは、子どもの成長にあわせて常に理想の姿勢で抱えることができるだけでなく、大人の体にもぴったりフィットするよう、考え抜かれた設計になっていることです。
Stokke “designs products that are in the best interest of the child”, under its core concept “Growing together.TM” MyCarrierTM is also designed along this concept. The product is designed to keep the child as comfortable as possible, and to encourage healthy child development. MyCarrierTM is also unique in its prudent design. It not only allows children to be carried in optimal seating positions according to their development, but also supports the parent in keeping a comfortable position.


“人間工学に基づいて開発されている“ とうたう製品は多くありますが、ストッケのマイキャリアは、究極まで人間工学を追求し、大人用のパーツと、子どもを支えるパーツを分けた唯一のモデルです。今回のリニューアルで、使っている素材がよりソフトになり、フィット感がさらにアップしました。
Among the many products that claim they are “ergonomically designed”, MyCarrierTM has gone down the ultimate path and reached a whole new level of baby carriers. This is the only product that has separate parts for the adult and the child. This revised model uses organic cotton textiles, making it softer and fit when attached.



We could go on forever, but words are never stronger than the real experience. We invited media representatives attending the event to try on MyCarrierTM, and see how easy it is to carry children in front or back positions. They tried on the carrier and were overwhelmed by how comfortably they could walk while carrying a child!

If you have been through the baby-carrying phase, you will agree that it is a task that weighs heavily on your back and hips, even if you use a carrier. MyCarrierTM is meticulously designed to make the burden as light as possible. Media representatives who tried out the carrier with a 1-year-old sized baby doll commented that MyCarrierTM is completely different and much more comfortable than other products.



As a guest, we invited Katsuaki Taira, MD, PhD., Chief and Deputy Head of Orthopedics, at Saitama Children’s Medical Center, who is a professional of children’s good posture, and also a father of four(!) children. Dr. Taira explained the ideal way to carry babies and toddlers.


特に赤ちゃんが小さいうちは 「足を開いた状態で抱っこしてあげる」 ことが、股関節の健康な発達のためにとても大切だとご存知でしたか?(そうなんです。ちなみにマイキャリアでは、もちろん、この理想的な抱っこができます。)
It is very important that the baby’s “thighs are wide open when carried” especially while the baby is very young. This supports the healthy development of the hip joint (and of course, you can keep your baby in this optimal position with MyCarrierTM). The clothes babies wear, and how you treat babies while they are sleeping, are also important for healthy development.


マイキャリア以外にも、さまざまなアイコニックな製品で知られるストッケ。この発表会では、これらのストッケ製品の美しさ、機能性を体感していただくのも目的の一つ。そこで、今回は、メディアの方々に、ストッケのシグネチャーチェアとも言えるTripp Trapp(R)  (トリップ トラップ)にお座りいただきました。このTripp Trapp(R) 、小さいお子さんはもちろん、大人の方も座れます。まさに、「Growing together.TM 共に育む」を体現したストッケ製品の一つです。
In addition to MyCarrierTM, Stokke is famous for many iconic products. This press gathering was also planned to promote such symbolic products, and understand the beauty and functionality of them first hand. We lined up Tripp Trapp(R), Stokke’s signature chair, for the media representatives to use during the event. Tripp Trapp(R) can be used by adults as well as children, and is a product that truly embodies the core concept of Stokke, “Growing together.TM



Candlewick, with its many mothers who are also great communication specialists, was a perfect match with Stokke for planning this event, as we were able to add the perspective of those who have been through child-rearing. Candlewick will continue its voyage in the industry, with plans for PR and promotion spiced up with our individual touch by our one-and-only staff members.

ストッケ マイキャリア / Stokke MyCarrierTM

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世界的な権威のあるワイン品評会が日本酒の審査会を開催 ~日本酒の海外普及推進に貢献~ 
World’s most prestigious wine competition hosts Sake Competition in Japan, helping to spread the elixir internationally

34年の歴史を誇り、ワインの品評において世界的最大規模で最も影響力のあるIWC(インターナショナル・ワイン・チャレンジ)が、日本酒の可能性に着目し、その美味しさを日本のみならず、世界に広めようと2007年から始めたIWC 「SAKE部門」審査会。日本人と外国人同数の審査員によって、完全なるブラインド・テイスティングで行われる、この世界最大級の日本酒審査会の初めての本格的な日本開催に際し、キャンドルウィックは消費者および業界関係者の認知度向上とプレス誘致に携わりました。

The International Wine Challenge (IWC), which is the largest and most influential wine competition in the world, boasts a 34-year history of tasting and selecting the best alcoholic beverages. Based firmly on the potentials of this rice wine, IWC started its “IWC Sake Competition” in 2007, and the event has helped spread its superb taste outside Japan. This year’s Sake competition, which is one of the largest such event in the world, was officially held for the first time in Japan, with a group of equal-numbered Japanese and non-Japanese judges conducting a strict blind-tasting. Candlewick had the honor to support this event through increasing awareness to consumers and throughout the industry, as well as raising media attention.



IWC 「SAKE部門」の最大の特徴は、日本だけでなく世界中で愛される日本酒を選定することと、IWCが培ってきた世界中のワインの流通ネットワークに日本酒が紹介されることです。つまり、日本酒の国際化に非常に大きな影響力を持つのです。この審査会の結果は外務省にも注目されており、受賞酒は在外公館での催しもの、各国要人歓迎パーティなどで振舞われます。今年5月26日、27日に伊勢志摩で開催されたG7サミットにおいて、安倍首相から各国首脳への贈呈品のひとつに2015年にチャンピオンに輝いた福島県の純米大吟醸酒「会津ほまれ」が選ばれたことからも、IWC 「SAKE部門」の影響力がうかがえます。
The IWC Sake Competition is unique, and selects Japanese sake brands that would be loved by consumers not just from Japan, but also around the world. In addition, IWC uses its own global wine distribution network to introduce the Sake Competition winners. Thus, IWC exercises strong influence over the globalization of Sake. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has expressed strong interest in the competition, and chooses to serve IWC award-winning brands at events and receptions to welcome VIPs, held domestically or at embassies around the world. “Aizu Homare”, the IWC Sake Champion for the Junmai Daiginjo category in 2015, was chosen as a present to leaders attending the Ise-Shima G7 Summit on May 26-27. This simple fact shows how influential this Competition is.



キャンドルウィックでは、IWC 「SAKE部門」審査会の国内での認知度向上のため、外国人審査員や蔵元からの協力も得ながら、審査会が推し進めてきた日本酒の国際化に向けての取り組みについてのストーリーをまとめ、取材誘致をおこないました。また、日本酒ファンにリーチしやすいSNSツールとして専用のFacebookページを開設、過去の入賞酒のプレゼントキャンペーンなどを実施し、期待感を高めるとともにファンとのエンゲージメントを図りました。その結果、イベントに関して、250件を超えるメディアでの露出を獲得するなど、大きな反響を得ました。
In order to increase domestic awareness of the IWC Sake Competition, Candlewick approached media to highlight how IWC has strategically moved to globalize Japanese Sake, developed with the help of non-Japanese judges and Japanese Sake brewers. Candlewick also set up a dedicated Facebook page to better connect and engage with Sake fans, as well as increase awareness of the event, through this social networking tool. Campaigns with past award-winning Champion Sake as giveaways were conducted to build excitement towards the event, as well as further engage with Sake fans. As a result of our activities, we had media exposure of more than 250 articles, creating huge buzz.



Candlewick will continue its journey to promote the charms of good food and beverages through various PR and sales promotion activities.

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