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Our Managing Director, Noriko Silvester, elected as The British Chamber of Commerce in Japan (BCCJ) Executive Committee

Candlewick is excited to announce that our Managing Director Ms. Noriko Silvester has been elected to sit on the BCCJ Executive Committee, effective for one year until April 2017. Noriko pledged to utilize her expertise in helping global brands in the Japanese market, as well as her understanding of the market’s complexities, to better support British brands and BCCJ activities in Japan.



Candlewick is excited to be part of BCCJ activities and looks forward to this opportunity to work more closely with British brands and organizations looking to develop their brand in the Japan market.



また、BCCJ が発行する雑誌BCCJ Acumenに掲載されたシルベスタ典子のインタビュー記事 “Noriko Silvester: Helping firms to enter and expand in Japan” (シルベスタ典子:日本マーケットへの進出と拡大を支援) も合わせてご覧ください。(英語のみ)

For more information on the BCCJ Executive Committee, please click here. Please also read the interview article about Noriko Silvester published in BCCJ Acumen magazine.
“Noriko Silvester: Helping firms to enter and expand in Japan”

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