ヨックモック青山本店リニューアルオープン プレス内覧会  YOKU MOKU’s Aoyama Flagship Store’s new look revealed at exclusive press preview

葉巻状クッキー『シガール』で有名な、また青山のランドマークとして親しまれている、ヨックモック青山本店のショップとラウンジ「BLUE BRICK LOUNGE」が2016年8月にリニューアルオープンしました。プロモーションの一環として、表参道駅構内の柱巻きピールオフ広告の展開、またリニューアルオープンの魅力をお伝えするため、記者懇談会、及びプレス内覧会をヨックモック青山本店で開催しました。
YOKU MOKU’s Aoyama Flagship Store and the Blue Brick Lounge, a landmark loved by those frequenting Aoyama district, reopened after renovation in August 2016. The brand is best known for its rolled-up crepe-like confectionary called “Cigare”, the shape of which is reminiscent of a cigar. A press conference and exclusive preview for the press at the Flagship Store was held and also as part of the promotion for the store’s renewal, pillars at Omotesando station were wrapped with peel-off promos.
Candlewick coordinated the press preview, from planning and organizing the event, inviting various media, and arranging interviews. Over 120 media guests were present at the preview.
Candlewick supported the production of the pillar promos, from creating copy to designing the visuals of the ads. Peel-off flyers, which look just like the Cigare cookies, were attached to the pillars and proved a huge hit with commuters.
The key message for this renewal was “Up to now and from now to forever, make new acquaintances at YOKU MOKU Aoyama Flagship Store”. The blue tiles that have covered the exterior of the shop since its establishment in 1978 remain intact. However, the interior was changed to fit modern Aoyama, a location which houses the latest cultural trends and welcomes both locals and visitors to the area. This message was the core of our promotion. Media guests were the first to taste the new menu, with items such as “afternoon tea set”, “fresh sweets of the season”, and “cinq bijoux (semi-baked sweets)”, only available at the YOKU MOKU Aoyama Flagship Store and the Blue Brick Lounge.
As residents of the same Aoyama neighborhood, Candlewick is more than happy to assist YOKU MOKU’s promotional activities and make the area even livelier, by spreading YOKU MOKU’s tasty appeal to more consumers.



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