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Stokkeトリップ トラップ アニバーサリームービーキャンペーン 
“Tripp Trapp Chair Anniversary Movie” Campaign

ノルウェーのベビー用品ブランド、ストッケのアイコン的な商品である、トリップ トラップの世界累計販売数1,000万台突破を記念して、一般の方々から写真と動画を募集し、家族の素敵なシーンをつなぎ合せたアニバーサリームービーを作成するキャンペーン、“トリップ トラップ アニバーサリームービー”キャンペーンを10月17日から 11月6日まで開催しました。

Norwegian children’s brand Stokke launched “Tripp Trapp Anniversary movie campaign” from October 17th to November 6th to celebrate the cumulative global sales of its iconic product Tripp Trapp, which has topped the 1,000 million mark. Video clips and pictures from consumers were collected and created into an anniversary movie by connecting the lovely family scenes.


同キャンペーンはインスタグラム上で開催し、応募方法はご自身のインスタグラムアカウントに、「#トリップトラップ愛しい時間 」をつけて写真または動画を投稿するだけのシンプルなものにしました。その結果、予想を上回る600以上の作品が集まり、また応募した方々のSNSを通じて、ムービーの拡散に成功しました。

The campaign was launched on Instagram, with the participating process being very simple. Participants had to simply post a video clip or image on Instagram with a hashtag “Tripp Trapp My dearest times”. This easiness attracted many Instagrammers and contributed to the campaign’s success, with over 600 images posted, and led to the sharing of the anniversary movie through their SNS accounts.



Candlewick was responsible for the overall management as well as the details of the campaign, including content generation, outline design, theme determination, scheduling, and incentivizing participation by offering Christmas gifts. To boost awareness and interest, we approached 50 influential Stokke-fan Instagrammers to have them participate in this campaign. In addition, the movie was shared successfully through a tie-up with “ELLE MAMAN”, a well-known web media for stylish moms.



This is just an example of how Candlewick proposes smart strategies, including planning campaigns, designing contents, and establishing media and influencer relations. By smoothly synchronizing planned PR activities, we ensure unified brand messages are disseminated to consumers much more effectively.

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PR for the Qatar Friendship Fund(QFF)to support relief efforts following the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake comes to a close after three and a half years


Candlewick supported the Qatar Friendship Fund (QFF), established by the State of Qatar to support for the victims of the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake, with their PR for 3 and half years between 2013 and fall 2016.
At the final stage of our PR activities, we arranged a press conference at the Foreign Correspondents Club of Japan (FCCJ) with approximately 50 media and project proponent attendees.

カタール開発基金  カリファ・ビン・ジャシム・アル・クワリ局長
Qatar Fund for Development, Director General, Mr. Khalifa bin Jassim Al-Kuwari


QFF provided $1 billion in financial assistance to 12 projects related to four main priority areas; child education, fisheries, healthcare and entrepreneurship.



At the press conference, Mitsubishi Research Institute demonstrated that the total economic impact of these projects supported by QFF was estimated to amount $120 million in 2016, and an expected $1.8 billion over the following decade.



With continuous and varied PR strategies by Candlewick over the course of 3 and a half years, QFF projects were covered over 1,000 times in newspapers, magazines, online, TV and via radio.


最後の締めくくりとして、カラー4ページにわたって、QFFの活動を紹介したタイアップ記事をJapan Timesと作成し、日本のみならず海外にも積極的に情報発信を行いました。

In addition, Candlewick successfully secured a tie-up article published by The Japan Times, effectively securing global exposure.



QFF activities officially came to an end on the 31st October, but there is still a long way to go for complete reconstruction of the Tohoku area. We hope to continue supporting the 12 QFF projects in any way we can, well into the future.

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What is the origin of business? Trade is!! Our new challenge for marketing PR expertise: UK designed, leading-edge educational toy, “Cubetto” now launched by Candlewick for Japan market.


Candlewick is happy to announce that online sales for the educational and fun wooden coding toy “Cubetto” have now begun. This is a new and exciting challenge for the staff and working mothers here at Candlewick, and harnessing our British network and PR expertise we continue to be one step ahead of the trend, leading the way in new business.




Cubetto is a friendly wooden robot that will teach small children through adventure and hands-on play the basics of computer programming, a skill that is attracting great attention in Japan since programming will become an elementary school mandatory course from 2020.


まずは、動画 「Meet Cubetto」 をぜひご覧ください。(47秒)
Please have a look at the below video to meet Cubetto!



The lovable look and the leisurely movement of Cubetto is so heart-warming and far from the difficult and complicated image of the word “programming”. Our staff are hard at work discovering and innovating exciting playtime fun with Cubetto.



Cubetto is very simple. Simply guide it to the goal by inserting command blocks to the control board. The best part is that the story book and map inspires the children’s imagination and creativity, letting children acquire coding skills while having fun! In addition to nurturing target setting aptitude, problem solving skills and self-initiative, through talking with friends and playing while being read the storybook by parents, children develop essential communication skills.




Cubetto is receiving worldwide attention – celebrities from the IT industry supported the development of Cubetto, and it has won many international awards, including the Cannes Lions Gold Award in the Children’s Toys category.



This new-generation toy is already available online, and Cubetto demonstrations are planned in a variety of locations. Keep an eye out, and join in with playtime if you see us out and about!


★公式ホームページ (Official website)
★日本版情報・購入ページ (Japanese online shop)


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