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グアム政府観光局主催 グアム ツーリズムサミット プレスカンファレンス開催  A Tourism Summit Press Conference hosted by Guam Visitor’s Bureau

321()に東京・虎ノ門のアンダーズ東京にて、プレス関係者約70名を集めて、グアムツーリズムサミット プレスカンファレンスが開催されました。キャンドルウィックでは、プレスの集客、キーメッセージのプランニング、トークショーコンテンツの作成、イベント当日の運営等を担当しました。あわせて、グアムのホスピタリティを感じていただく空間として、グアムのココナッツオイルを使ったハンドマッサージサービスや、グアムのローカルフードであるチャモロ料理のエッセンスを取り入れたランチビュッフェを提案。グアムを実際に感じていただけるイベント作りを心がけました。
A Guam Tourism Summit Press Conference was held at Andaz Tokyo on March 21 attracting 70 members of the press. Candlewick undertook the following: key message planning, content creation for the talk show, and on-site operation of the event. We also proposed the creation of the atmosphere of true hospitality in Guam by offering a hand massage service using coconut oil from Guam and serving lunch buffet featuring Chamorro cuisine, the local food of Guam. We focused on making the event a place to feel and experience the real Guam.
We welcomed talk show guests Mr. Kazutomo Miyamoto, an ex-professional baseball player and a well-known sports caster, and his wife. He is also known for his love and enthusiasm about Guam. He introduced Guam’s new attractions, including the best spots for families and the cuisine which has recently seen great improvements.

こちらの写真は左より、グアム政府観光局 日本代表 山本さとみ氏、グアム政府観光局 局長兼CEOジョン・ネイサン・デナイト氏、宮本ご夫妻、2016年度ミス・アジアパシフィック・インターナショナル・グアム オードリー・ラグアナ・デラ・クルスさんになります。
The above photo from the left is Guam Visitors Bureau Director for Japan Market Ms. Satomi Yamamoto, Guam Visitors Bureau President and CEO Mr. Jon Nathan Denight, Mr. and Mrs. Miyamoto, and Ms. Audre Laguana Dela Cruz the Miss Asia Pacific International Guam for 2016.
The event successfully bolstered the new image of Guam to the press. Here are some of the positive comments we received from media attendees: “I was surprised that there are so many new activities and events that can be experienced in Guam. The old image of Guam was casted away.”; “Guam, being only three and a half hours from Japan by plane, it makes a great first trip destination for babies. I would definitely promote Guam.”; “I rediscovered the charm of Guam .”
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