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フィーバー・ツリー社のアンディ・ガウント氏、イギリス生まれのプレミアム・ナチュラル・ミキサーを初めて日本のメディアに紹介  Fever-Tree, premium natural mixers from the UK, introduced to the Japanese media during 1-on-1 interviews with Andy Gaunt

On May 15, Candlewick invited select members of the press to meet with Andy Gaunt, Regional Brand Director in Asia Pacific for Fever-Tree, a UK brand of premium natural mixers. Currently served in over 65 countries, as well as some of the world’s most prestigious bars and restaurants, Fever-Tree hoped to continue to spread awareness of its high-quality mixers through meetings with key members of the Japanese press.
Candlewick scheduled a series of 1-on-1 interviews with the aim of allowing each member of the press to truly experience the unique qualities of Fever-Tree. Following a brief introduction to the brand, media were invited to taste Fever-Tree alongside competing brands of tonic water and ginger ale, to understand for themselves the distinctive flavours and delicate bubbles that set Fever-Tree apart. They were also invited to smell essential oils drawn from each of the three types of ginger, from the Ivory Coast, India and Nigeria, featured in Fever-Tree ginger ales and ginger beer, to highlight the importance of each ingredient.

Andy’s visit to Japan was also scheduled to introduce two new flavours of ginger ale designed to complement dark spirits, such as rum and whiskey, which have seen a rise in recent popularity. The invited media were therefore among some of the first to taste the forthcoming Spiced Orange Ginger Ale and Smoky Ginger Ale tentatively scheduled to release later this year.
To complete each interview, Andy demonstrated how Fever-Tree products can enhance the flavour of spirits with a set of curated long drinks featuring Fever-Tree tonics.

Through this event, Candlewick was successful in introducing the Fever-Tree brand to key members of the Japanese press and we are looking forward to seeing coverage of the brand which has been scheduled for release in several industry publications.
To learn more about Fever-Tree’s line of high-quality, all-natural and great-tasting mixers, please visit the official website.
★Fever-Tree Official Website http://www.fever-tree.com/



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