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Candlewick supported world-class English winemakers Bolney Wine Estate and Digby Fine English, both located in the heart of rural Sussex, UK, with their first ever visit to Japan to provide exclusive English Sparkling Wine tasting sessions to members of the press, trade partners and key influential sommeliers and wine experts in Japan between the 15th and 19th May 2017. Managing Director & Head Winemaker, Mrs. Samantha Linter of Bolney Wine Estate, and CEO & Head Blender, Mr. Trevor Clough of Digby Fine English, visited Japan for the first time to provide personalized tasting sessions of their English Sparkling Wine portfolio, including the exclusive opportunity to taste three first-time entrant wines not yet available for purchase in Japan.


The week’s activities and events showed the exponential growth in interest and awareness of the English Sparkling Wine category in Japan, showing increased trade interest and recognition of the world-leading quality of English Sparkling Wines. Sommeliers, trade and member of the press voiced certainty that there will be a significant increase in demand by Japan consumers starting this year, with the two sparkling rosés proving an especially strong hit in tasting sessions.


Candlewick supported the organization of an exclusive British Chamber of Commerce Japan (BCCJ) members’ seminar and tasting session on Thursday 18th May, which was attended by over 40 BCCJ members. Participants were excited to better understand the portfolios of both wine makers, as well as the high quality of the English Sparkling Wine category.


Candlewick also arranged an exclusive media and influencer tasting session at the Candlewick office, and secured the attendance of 17 influential members of the press, influencers and sommeliers. Photo sessions took place on the beautiful roof garden, and the attending media and influencers were impressed by the variety and high quality of the English sparkling wines.


In addition to Candlewick organized activities, Bolney Wine Estate and Digby Fine English also held an exclusive seminar and tasting session for 23 members of the Japan Sommelier Association wine tasting seminar and tasting session, providing the sommeliers the opportunity to taste six English Sparkling Wines and ask questions about the English terroir, the grape varieties that flourish in the South of England, as well as the food pairings recommended by the wine-makers themselves.


Furthermore, both wine-makers also attended a B-to-B tasting session as part of the Wine and Spirit Trade Association (WSTA) Mission to Japan at the British Embassy. Over 100 trade and import partners with a strong interest in English Sparkling Wines and spirits, as well as Japanese media, attended the event.


Wine experts around the world are increasingly recognizing South East England’s ability to produce some of the finest sparkling wines on the planet. With a focus on small, artisan, hand production, over the last 15 years the English wine industry has coalesced around the production of fine sparkling wine with the most popular grape varieties grown in English vineyards being Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. There is an average annual production of five million bottles, of which two thirds is sparkling. Thanks in part perhaps to temperature rises due to global warming, the climate of the South East makes it the most prestigious region for growing vines, especially Sussex, Kent and Hampshire.


Candlewick is proud to be supporting this growing category with promotion in the Japan market, and looks forward to increasing media coverage, consumer interest and sales of these world-leading English sparkling wines.


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