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Participation in the 15th Doha Forum, Qatar


Gemma, one of our team members here at Candlewick, was lucky enough to attend the Doha Forum in Doha, Qatar, between the 11th and 13th May. This forum is an annual event, and attended by Heads of State, government Minsters and many other high-level delegates from not only all over the Middle East region, but from around the world.



The three days of seminars and discussions saw many different topics discussed – under the over-arching topics of democracy, development and free trade, and more broadly, the critical political, economic, social, financial, strategic and human matters of pressing concern for this region.


ジェマは今回、キャンドルウィックのクライアントであるカタールフレンド基金(QFF)が支援するプロジェクトのキーメンバーである、宮城県女川町長 須田 善明氏、盛岡市立病院 診療部長件神経内科長/いわてエコノミークラス症候群予防支援会事務局長 佐々木 一裕氏、一般社団法人 IMPACT Foundation Japan エグゼクティブ・ディレクター 竹川隆司氏、釜石ヒカリフーズ株式会社 代表取締役社長 佐藤正一氏の4名に同行しました。

Gemma attended with four key members of projects supported by the Qatar Friendship Fund (QFF): Mr. Suda, Mayor of Onagawa city; Dr. Sasaki, Morioka Hospital; Mr. Takekawa, Impact Japan; and Mr. Sato, Director of Hikari Foods, Kamaishi city.



Mr. Takekawa and Mayor Suda took part in a panel discussion on the 12th May, discussing the QFF support of their project, and the impact it is having on their local areas. Mr. Takekawa explained in detail to the audience the objective of QFF, their focus on sustainable projects in the Tohoku area, and their core focus areas: Health, Fisheries, Child Education and Entrepreneurship. He also detailed the aging population in Japan, the population outflow to big cities, and how the Great East Japan Earthquake accelerated this process, meaning fewer younger people in the local areas.



Mayor Suda looked specifically at the MASKAR project – a multi-function fish processing plant in Onagawa town. After the tsunami devastated much of the fishing industry in the area, QFF supported the MASKAR project to act as a central fishing facility within the town. The facility provides storage, refrigeration and processing functions for local businesses, and 10 companies and business now surround this state-of-the-art facility. Local catches of saury fish are finally returning to the levels they were before the disaster struck, and the Mayor is excited about the future regeneration and benefits of MASKAR on the local economy, and community.



Doha is experiencing huge changes in is landscape and development work is evident throughout the city. The team visited the area, saw the famous city scape, the Islamic Art museum, visited the souks, and even had the chance to hold this beautiful falcon!



Thanks to those of you who visited our QFF booth at the forum! We hope the attendees of the 15th Doha Forum were able to learn a little more about the Qatar Friendship Fund, their support of the Tohoku area, and of course more about Japan.


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中東6カ国が加盟する湾岸協力理事会主催のイベント GCC DAYS IN JAPAN 2015 
GCC DAYS IN JAPAN 2015 – Candlewick proud to be involved in this prestigious event

湾岸協力理事会(以下略称:GCC)は、4月22日(水)~24日(金)までの3日間、東京でセミナーを開催しました。「GCC DAYS IN JAPAN」と題したセミナーには、GCC加盟6か国からの大勢の出席者に加え、日本の多数の有識者が参加し、各国の課題や懸念を共有した上で、バランスの取れた対話の構築を目指して、様々な議論が行われました。

Between the 22nd and 24th April 2015, the Cooperation Council for the Arab States of the Gulf Nations (GCC) held three days of seminars in Tokyo. These “GCC DAYS IN JAPAN” seminars were attended by many GCC delegates from the six member nations, as well as high-ranking and influential Japanese participants, with the aim of not only discussing countries’ issues and concerns, but also to establish balanced dialogues.


キャンドルウィックは本イベントの運営とメディアリレーションを担当しました。GCC DAYSイベントとしては世界で10回目、日本での開催は初めてです。

Candlewick was proud to be in charge of organizing and managing this prestigious event – the 10th ever GCC DAYS event to be held around the globe, and the first time for such an event to be held in Japan.



Each day focused on a different topic of debate and discussion. Day 1 looked at economic collaboration between Japan and the GCC nations, both at its current state, but also at future collaborations. Day 2 focused on bilateral relations, and Day 3 on media cooperation between the six GCC countries and Japan.


GCCの文化担当事務局長補ハーリッド ビン サーレム ビン モハメド アルガッサーニ閣下(オマーン)が主催者代表として、それぞれのセミナーで歓迎の辞を述べました。各セッションでも登壇者間の議論のみならず、来場者からの質問やコメントも積極的に寄せられました。

Each day’s session invited Assistant Secretary-General for Cultural & Information Affairs, His Excellency Mr. Khalid Bin Salem Bin Mohammed Al-Ghassani, to make a welcome speech. Lively discussions took place throughout the sessions, with participants in the audience invited to ask questions and give comments.



The Gulf Cooperation Council for the Arab States of the Gulf was established in 1981 between the following 6 nations: The United Arab Emirates; The State of Bahrain; The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia; The Sultanate of Oman; The State of Qatar; and The State of Kuwait. Each GCC member nation enjoys strong relations with Japan, and participant speeches from both sides highlighted the importance of these bonds between nations, and their interest in further increasing and strengthening relations in the future.



The seminars were attended by over 200 people each day, with over 30 members of the media in attendance, both as guests and to cover this special event. We look forward to supporting the GCC with any future events and seminars in Japan!

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ニューカレドニア観光局 プレス発表会! 
New Caledonia Tourism – the big launch!

先日、東京・虎ノ門、アンダーズ東京にて行われた、ニューカレドニア観光局 2015年新観光プロモーション プレス発表会にて、キャンドルウィックは、イベントの企画から会場装飾、食事のディレクションなど多岐に渉って担当しました。その様子をご紹介します。

The New Caledonia Tourism 2015 Promotion Media Event was recently held at Andaz Tokyo Toranomon Hills. Candlewick supported this event from overall planning of the event, through to venue decoration and space design, as well as direction of the food menu.


こちらはプレス発表会会場の様子。バナーやポスター、オフィシャルガイドブックなど、ビジュアルの製作物も新しいニューカレドニア観光のテーマ、”Revalue Yourself” に合わせ、一新しました。

Here are some photos from the venue. New visual designs for banners, posters, and an original guidebook were created, in line with the new promotional theme “Revalue Yourself”.




We also created some space for visitors to feel the ambience of the southern islands, with swimming suits designed in collaboration with the New Caledonia Tourism and the Japanese swimwear brand “GUACAMOLE” on show. Pilot products using essential oil from New Caledonia’s indigenous plant “niaouli” were also on display. Sand and greenery were used to spice up the display and create a truly New Caledonia ambiance to the display.



プレス発表会の後は、52FのROOFTOP STUDIOにて、ビュッフェランチをご用意しました。ニューカレドニアの郷土料理であるブーニャや、ニューカレドニア特産の絶品食材「天使のエビ」のカクテル、に加え、デザートには、フランス領ならではの美味しいエクレアで、ニューカレドニアの絶景“マングローブのハート”を表現しました。

After the media event, a buffet-style lunch was held at the ROOFTOP STUDIO on the 52nd floor of the hotel. New Caledonian cuisine awaited the guests, such as the traditional dish “bougna”, and an exquisite shrimp cocktail using the superb New Caledonian blue prawn, otherwise known as the “Angel Prawn”. For dessert, a beautiful éclair crafted with the culinary techniques of the French territory was shaped in the famous New Caledonia’s “Coeur de Voh”, or the heart-shaped mangrove.



Guests especially enjoyed the New Caledonian cocktail, “envol”. This drink, named after the French word for “flight” was provided as a welcome drink. The cocktail was designed to represent the beautiful New Caledonian waters that can be seen from high above when flying to this paradise.




A pure white objet, created with sand in resemblance of the white beaches of New Caledonia, adorned the entrance of the buffet hall. Guests enjoyed looking around, sampling the good food, and taking photos and sharing them on SNS with #newcaledonia.



◆ 公式コンセプトサイト、オフィシャルムービー、および、観光親善大使の田丸麻紀さん、賀来賢人さんのムービーをぜひこちらからご覧ください!

Please click here to see the Concept Website, official video clip, and the official videos of the New Caledonia PR Ambassadors – Maki Tamaru and Kento Kaku




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