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What is the origin of business? Trade is!! Our new challenge for marketing PR expertise: UK designed, leading-edge educational toy, “Cubetto” now launched by Candlewick for Japan market.


Candlewick is happy to announce that online sales for the educational and fun wooden coding toy “Cubetto” have now begun. This is a new and exciting challenge for the staff and working mothers here at Candlewick, and harnessing our British network and PR expertise we continue to be one step ahead of the trend, leading the way in new business.




Cubetto is a friendly wooden robot that will teach small children through adventure and hands-on play the basics of computer programming, a skill that is attracting great attention in Japan since programming will become an elementary school mandatory course from 2020.


まずは、動画 「Meet Cubetto」 をぜひご覧ください。(47秒)
Please have a look at the below video to meet Cubetto!



The lovable look and the leisurely movement of Cubetto is so heart-warming and far from the difficult and complicated image of the word “programming”. Our staff are hard at work discovering and innovating exciting playtime fun with Cubetto.



Cubetto is very simple. Simply guide it to the goal by inserting command blocks to the control board. The best part is that the story book and map inspires the children’s imagination and creativity, letting children acquire coding skills while having fun! In addition to nurturing target setting aptitude, problem solving skills and self-initiative, through talking with friends and playing while being read the storybook by parents, children develop essential communication skills.




Cubetto is receiving worldwide attention – celebrities from the IT industry supported the development of Cubetto, and it has won many international awards, including the Cannes Lions Gold Award in the Children’s Toys category.



This new-generation toy is already available online, and Cubetto demonstrations are planned in a variety of locations. Keep an eye out, and join in with playtime if you see us out and about!


★公式ホームページ (Official website)
★日本版情報・購入ページ (Japanese online shop)


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Our Office has moved





〒150-0001  東京都渋谷区神宮前4-22-7  AURA表参道401

TEL: 03-6455-5820 FAX: 03-6455-5821



Candlewick is delighted to announce our move to a nerw office on the 1st December 2015.


<New Office>

401 AURA Omotesando, 4-22-7 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku Tokyo, 150-0001

TEL: 03-6455-5820 FAX: 03-6455-5821

※Please note our telephone and fax numbers have changed.


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Celebrating 10 years with a new website!


10年という節目を迎え、弊社の強みである “ライフスタイル” により一層フォーカスしたウェブサイトにリニューアルいたしました。ぜひご覧いただけましたら幸いです。



We are proud to announce that in March 2014, Candlewick celebrated its 10th Anniversary. We would like to take this opportunity to thank our clients, as well as our media and business partners for their continued support and cooperation.

On reaching this ten year milestone, we decided to renew our website to focus more on one of our key strengths: Lifestyle.

We will continue to work hard to develop creative and innovative PR and marketing services for the next generation. We hope for your continued support and cooperation.

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