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Loco Boutique swimwear available at Takashimaya!

「ロコブティック」×「スパリゾートハワイアンズ」 コラボレート水着
“HANA JAPAN(ハナ・ジャパン)”
Hana Japan – A collaboration between Loco Boutique and Spa Resort Hawaiians



Hawaiian swimwear brand Loco Boutique has collaborated with Spa Resort Hawaiians (based in Fukushima Prefecture) and started sale of a limited edition swimwear range available only in Japan. Candlewick has been working with Loco Boutique to expand its business in Japan.

(中央)“HANA JAPAN(ハナ・ジャパン)” ビキニ 15,100円/スカート 8,500円
(Center) Hana Japan bikini 15,100 yen / skirt 8,500 yen

海の色ネイビーに、今年のトレンド、大柄のフラワーモチーフをあしらったバンドゥタイプのビキニは、注目度満点! タカシマヤ4店での限定発売ですのでお見逃しなく。(新宿高島屋、玉川高島屋、ジェイアール名古屋タカシマヤ、大阪高島屋)

This year’s trend is a bandeau-type bikini with big flower motif in navy. Currently, it is only available in four Takashimaya department stores [Shinjuku, Tamagawa, JR Nagoya and Osaka] – so don’t miss out!



On July 7 and 8, Candlewick held an exciting event at Shinjuku Takashimaya. Spa Resort Hawaiians hula girls performed a dynamic hula show and the audience were later invited on stage, took hula lessons and performed with the hula girls in front of the crowd. Some lucky participants were interviewed by a TV crew, which added more excitement to the day.

Customers enjoying the show


After each performance, the hula girls made surprise appearances at the Loco Boutique booth on the 11th floor and took photos with customers.

Taking photos with Spa Resort Hawaiians hula girls

実はこの時間に様々なドラマがあったのです! 「今日これからハワイアンズへ行くの!」という女の子がいたり、スパリゾートハワイアンズで結婚式を挙げたカップルがたまたま通りかかり、「結婚式の時のダンサーさん?!」と思わぬ再会があったり。スタッフ一同、不思議なご縁を感じずにはいられませんでした。


● お問い合わせ:ロコブティック ジャパン  03-5843-4315
● ロコブティック公式Facebook:
● 取扱店:新宿高島屋(8/21まで)、玉川高島屋(8/21まで)、ジェイアール名古屋タカシマヤ(8/14まで)、大阪高島屋(8/20まで)

There were many coincidental happenings on the day – a young lady was actually heading to Spa Resort Hawaiians later that day and a couple who held their wedding at Spa Resort Hawaiians was able to reunite with the same dancer that danced at their wedding!

Candlewick distributed coupons for Spa Resort Hawaiians to customers who attended the event which will also be available at the swimwear counter in Takashimaya until August 21.

The rainy season has ended and summer is finally here!

So, enjoy your summer in Hawaii or at Spa Resort Hawaiians and of course in your Loco Boutique swimwear!

For inquiries visit Loco Boutique at:
Loco Boutique official Facebook page –
Stores – Shinjuku Takashimaya (until August 21), Tamagawa Takashimaya (until August 21), JR Nagoya Takashimaya (until August 14) and Osaka Takashimaya (until August 20)

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<プレスリリース> 女性の時間に関する意識調査を実施しました 
Press Release: Survey on how Japanese women use their time






Candlewick conducted a survey regarding how Japanese women use their time.

Women spend the same amount of time on housework as they do their free time. A majority of women spend an average of 4.6 hours a day freely on themselves.

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<プレスリリース> お部屋に関する意識調査を実施しました 
Press Release: Survey on how Japanese women view their rooms






Candlewick conducted a survey regarding how Japanese women view their rooms and the things they’d like to do this summer.

55% of Japanese women see their rooms as being ‘overweight’: A survey on rooms uncovers surprising results on how women view cleanliness to their consumption of electricity and slimming down for summer.

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Download the Survey Results

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