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<プレスリリース> 女性の時間に関する意識調査を実施しました 
Press Release: Survey on how Japanese women use their time






Candlewick conducted a survey regarding how Japanese women use their time.

Women spend the same amount of time on housework as they do their free time. A majority of women spend an average of 4.6 hours a day freely on themselves.

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Download the Survey Results

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<プレスリリース> お部屋に関する意識調査を実施しました 
Press Release: Survey on how Japanese women view their rooms






Candlewick conducted a survey regarding how Japanese women view their rooms and the things they’d like to do this summer.

55% of Japanese women see their rooms as being ‘overweight’: A survey on rooms uncovers surprising results on how women view cleanliness to their consumption of electricity and slimming down for summer.

Download the Press Release
Download the Survey Results

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IKEA ウィンター&クリスマス メディアセミナー開催 
IKEA Winter and Christmas media seminar





After a hot summer, we can finally feel autumn arriving.

With the cooler weather on its way, you start to seek for something warm and fluffy.

In Sweden, the home of IKEA, the temperature has already dropped below 10 degrees and people have already started to prepare for winter.

To introduce winter preparations for inside the home, Candlewick held a media seminar on September 15 and 16 in Sendagaya, Tokyo for more than 70 guests.



The objectives of the seminar were to; show how you can change your home to a winter-style with some simple changes; introduce Christmas dishes using traditional Swedish food sold in IKEA such as salmon and meatballs and; introduce IKEA items for Christmas that will be available from mid-October.




Two media seminars were held during the day, both lasting two hours each with IKEA interior coordinator Anton and food coordinator Ms. Naomi Kato as guest speakers.

Anton introduced winter setups and also talked about Swedish culture including his memories of Christmas as a child growing up.




Ms. Kato made four Christmas dishes using food from IKEA. Since IKEA food is pre-cooked and already seasoned, it is perfect for Christmas parties with many guests.

The venue for the seminar was a regular house – rented and furnished by IKEA. Changing textiles and curtains to a thicker and warmer color and making use of indirect lighting, a comfortable place suitable for the up-coming festive season was created. The media were impressed at this idea of holding the seminar in a real house, compared to a typical seminar often held in one of IKEA stores. The venue allowed the attending media to gain a deeper understanding of IKEA’s proposals for easy winter preparations.



Candlewick plans and executes IKEA’s media seminars three to four times a year, in addition to regular media relations activities. This type of seminar proved to be highly effective in gaining support from journalists.

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