Candlewick is a strategic PR and marketing communications agency based in Tokyo with extensive experience in building brands through its three core areas of focus – brand development, public relations, marketing and sales promotions.

We use a seamless integrated marketing communication (IMC) approach, based on our clients' objectives to develop communications that matter. We produce measurable and effective outcomes that have a positive impact on bottom lines. For more than 15 years we have successfully helped foreign brands enter and succeed in the Japanese market.

What We Do


    A brand is dependent on consumer behavior. Candlewick thoroughly researches and analyzes consumer trends and sentiment when developing brand strategies and integrates them with PR activities. Our creative approach ensures that your goals are achieved every time.

  • PR

    Candlewick creates brand value through seamless PR communication by focusing on delivering key messages to the right audience at the right time. We use offline and online media channels as well as social media platforms to generate ink for our clients that is ‘on message’, and that creates brand recognition, drives engagement and improves market share.


    Candlewick undertakes strategic planning to develop sales channels and promotional plans using real insights and market research. We integrate sales and marketing plans with PR activities to create seamless communication programs that bring brands closer to consumers and consumers closer to brands.