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プログラミング玩具キュベット開発者フィリッポ・ヤコブ、伊勢丹新宿本店での販売開始にあわせて初来日  Award-winning programming toy Cubetto’s founder, Filippo Yacob, visits Japan to commemorate sales launch at Isetan Shinjuku Store

昨年このブログでもご紹介したプログラミングの玩具キュベットですが、2月15日より伊勢丹新宿本店での販売を開始しました。90カ国以上で親しまれているキュベットが店頭販売されるのは、世界で初めてのことなんです!これを機に、Primo Toys設立者、フィリッポ・ヤコブが初来日し、日本のメディア向けにイベントを行いました。Primo Toysの設立経緯やキュベット開発に至る歴史を彼自身がプレゼンし、プログラミング教育普及第一人者である石戸奈々子さんと、日本とイギリスのプログラミング教育事情についてのトークセッションを行いました。
Cubetto, the programming robot featured in our blog last year, is now available at the Isetan Shinjuku Store. Among the 90+ countries Cubetto is sold in, this is the first non-virtual store where you can meet Cubetto before purchase. For this memorable occasion, Primo Toy’s Founder and CEO Filippo Yacob came to Tokyo to talk at the Cubetto media event. Filippo explained how Primo Toys was established, and how the fun journey of creating Cubetto unfolded. Ms. Nanako Ishido, who is one of the leading programming educators in Japan, joined Filippo for a talk session about programming education trends in Japan and the United Kingdom.

Above is a snap shot from the media event. Filippo and Ms. Ishido had so much to share on programming education, there was hardly enough time. The guests received original Cubetto chocolates, since it was just before Valentine’s day.
Filippo is a twenty-nine-year-old social entrepreneur, and a father of a three-year-old boy. He was a named honoree in the latest “Forbes 30 under 30 Europe” list for social entrepreneurs. But even with such talent, it took one year to plan and three years to develop Cubetto. During the process, Filippo brought in investors from around the globe through crowdfunding, with professors from U.C. Berkeley helping him create the educational toy of his dreams.

穏やかな普段の印象とは打って変わって、キュベットやPrimo Toysの話になるとヒートアップ。情熱を持って日々やりたいことを実現し、将来の展望を語るフィリッポには、スタッフも大いに刺激を受け、ますますキュベットの日本での普及に熱が入っています!
Filippo, who is otherwise very calm, looked very excited to talk to the media about Cubetto and Primo Toys. His passion in pursuing his dreams every day is overwhelming, and his future vision was truly moving. We at Candlewick, infused by Filippo’s passion, are ready to expand our promotion of Cubetto in Japan!

Above is a picture of Filippo checking out the Isetan Shinjuku Store Cubetto demo space.
During his spare time, Filippo was busy selecting souvenirs for his family, a variety of books and programming toys, as well as finding a good Judo dogi (wear) to practice his favorite martial art. We look forward to hosting Filippo in Tokyo again  soon!
★Primo Toys URL https://www.primotoys.jp/
★Primo Toys Facebook https://www.facebook.com/Primo-Toys-Japan-1140558589366914/

The demo space at Isetan was for a limited time in February, but Cubetto can still be purchased in the toy area.



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