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アジアを代表するシェフ&アーティストのジャニス ウォンが来日、エディブルアート(食べられるアート)インスタレーションをメディアに初披露  Janice Wong, Asia’s leading chef and artist, creates an Edible Art Installation for the Japanese media

アジア最優秀ペストリーシェフに過去2度も選ばれたジャニス ウォンが2月上旬に来日し、彼女が開拓した新ジャンルである、食とアートの融合edible art (エディブルアート)のインスタレーションをメディア、VIPの方々約50名を集めて、日本初お披露目しました。
Janice Wong, who has twice been awarded Asia’s Best Pastry Chef, visited Japan in early February to create an installation of her original “edible art” genre – a marriage of food and art. The invited 50 media and VIP guests enjoyed her cutting-edge new style, a first-time performance in Japan.

Janice demonstrated her edible 3D art with marshmallows and strawberry chocolate using a spoon-like paintbrush on white canvas. The guests gasped in surprise at her outstanding creations and the room was quickly filled with an irresistibly sweet smell.

Janice expressed her image of “Spring and Valentine’s day” with fried cherry blossoms seasoned with salt. The guests experienced the taste there and then, scooping up the art with a spoon directly from the canvas.
All the guests seemed to thoroughly enjoy the experience, and were bubbling with comments such as “It’s so fun, and so delicious!”, and “The guests participation is also part of the art, making it even more fascinating.”
Candlewick will continue promoting Janice and her original edible art through collaborations with fashion and jewelry brands and events – so keep an eye out!
ジャニスの美味しいデザートを楽しめる、新宿のNEWoMANに昨年4月にオープンしたお店の情報等詳細は http://www.janicewong.jp をご覧ください.
You can learn more about Janice Wong’s Dessert Bar at NEWoMAN SHINJUKU, which opened last April, at http://www.janicewong.jp.



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