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  • Takanori Nakamura Columnist
    Takanori Nakamura

    Candlewick has great passion.
    I have been working with Candlewick for a long time, and they have especially assisted me during the time I worked as a friendship ambassador for Norway, as well as my time working with Norway’s brand, Monaco Government Tourism and Convention Bureau, grass-fed beef from New Zealand, and wine. Each of these come from different categories and countries, and they are all top-class brands and clients. I am always surprised at the level of understanding Candlewick has. Not only do they demonstrate the ability to plan, be creative and take action, but I see each staff constantly working with the consciousness towards beauty, and I am always joyful to see it. And with this, I am always excited when contacted by Candlewick.

  • Hiromi Yamamoto Hair & Make-up Artist
    Hiromi Yamamoto
    Hair & Make-up Artist

    They are a unique PR company with their consciousness towards food, clothing, shelter, and the general lifestyle. While having a base in real life, they have a base with a global perspective to promote how to live happily and beautifully in this day and age, as well as informing the important/necessary points to live a functional life.

  • Lori Henderson The British Chamber of Commerce in Japan    Executive Director, MBE
    Lori Henderson
    The British Chamber of Commerce in Japan Executive Director, MBE

    The Candlewick team has brought new energy and insights to our communications and marketing activities at the British Chamber of Commerce in Japan. Specifically, we engaged Noriko and her team to review our overall communications strategy, and subsequently make operational recommendations to our Executive Committee. Presentations were delivered to a high spec, action points were followed up on efficiently, and outputs were of an excellent standard. We will certainly continue working with, and recommending, Candlewick!

  • Tetsuya Honda CEO/PR Strategist<br>Honda Office<br>Former President of Blue Current Japan
    Tetsuya Honda
    CEO/PR Strategist
    Honda Office
    Former President of Blue Current Japan

    From the establishment of our company, we have collaboratively worked together not only in Japan but also with our overseas office, making them a great partner. Candlewick has the ability to identify which brands are receiving attention globally, making them the “PR Company”.

  • Guillaume Rose Monaco Government Tourism and Convention Bureau    Preceding Director
    Guillaume Rose
    Monaco Government Tourism and Convention Bureau Preceding Director

    Candlewick and the Principality of Monaco have in common the rare sense of true luxury. This is the reason why the Monaco Government Tourist Authority chose Candlewick to represent our destination in Japan.
    For media as for trade, they showed their efficiency and their serenity. The excellent mood in which all our events are realized is the reflection of their high level of professionalism.

  • Yumiko Kizu Senior Beauty Editor<br>Harper’s BAZAAR
    Yumiko Kizu
    Senior Beauty Editor
    Harper’s BAZAAR

    How much can one understand the brand’s growth strategy, while taking the optimal approach through a global perspective? Candlewick makes this possible because they have experience importing and selling products themselves.
    Among the numerous PR companies in the world, I believe Candlewick can be a real partner.

  • Guy Perryman DJ / Event Producer, Writer
    Guy Perryman
    DJ / Event Producer, Writer

    It has always been a great pleasure working with Candlewick on various projects including the Christmas themed Bridge Street Market with Primo Toys and annual charity event Black Card Cabaret with Monaco Tourism. The Candlewick team are a delight to work with, very creative and collaborative with business and communication strategies and always efficient and quick with results. Their experience in Japan with a global perspective is immensely valuable to any client.

  • Ted Miller CEO<br>Empire Entertainment Japan, Inc.
    Ted Miller
    Empire Entertainment Japan, Inc.

    Candlewick has a very large network of media and influencers, and are experts in PR communications.
    Recently, we worked together on a media event with the goal of achieving TV coverage. Candlewick was very detailed and took responsibility for the project, researching and proposing celebrity guests, as well as coming up with a PR angle, and more.
    We look forward to continuing to work together, combining our strength as an event company with Candlewick’s strength and knowledge in PR, to create more and more interesting events.

  • Filippo Yacob Founder<br>CEO of Primo Toys
    Filippo Yacob
    CEO of Primo Toys

    Primo Toys first landed in Japan in May of 2016. From the beginning, we have worked together with Candlewick as a strategic business partner, and thanks to the success of the general approach of our product through marketing and communication PR, Cubetto was settled to be sold at 15 high-end department stores in Japan. Furthermore, with the online sales growing at a smooth rate, we were able to sell a large quantity of our products in an extremely short period. Also, Primo Toys has received numerous design awards globally, and with the success of Candlewick’s promotion, we were able to receive a design award in Japan too.

    The awareness of our product as a premium toy that lets kids learn the skills necessary for the 21st century through play has risen, allowing Primo Toys to earn the innovative and high design status of an Edtech brand in both Japan and globally.

  • Atsuko Fujioka Fashion Journalist<br>President<br>f Project
    Atsuko Fujioka
    Fashion Journalist
    f Project

    I often request Candlewick to interview clients such as designers and hotels, and I am surprised at how fast and neat they work.
    With the staff demonstrating high language and negotiation skills, as well as making results higher than expected, I can request them to work without a worry. I believe they are a company with excellent teamwork.

  • Florent Dabadie Sports Caster (WOWOW, FUJI TV, etc.)
    Florent Dabadie
    Sports Caster (WOWOW, FUJI TV, etc.)

    I have been blessed to have the opportunity to work with Candlewick through events such as Tour De France and France Wine. Meetings are always smooth with the CEO, Noriko Silvester, who’s always positive and happily working, as well as the staff members that demonstrate a high understanding of global standards. The age where we separate a business’ approach for Japan and other countries has come to an end. The 21st century is the age of cross-culture, and Candlewick is the leader of this movement.