I have worked with many PR agencies over the years, but Candlewick is a rare one who can also successfully communicate a business strategy.

Yutaka Takakura
Business Consultant

Since opening our doors in Japan, we have collaborated with Candlewick on numerous occasions on various projects. In addition to the work done through our Tokyo office, Candlewick has partnered with other offices across our global network. We've all come to realize that, as partners, Candlewick and Blue Current have good chemistry. You could call Candlewick a boutique agency, a type of business that is well developed in the West, but still a rarity in Japan.

Tetsuya Honda
Managing Director, Blue Current Japan

Candlewick is a unique PR agency in that it has its finger on the pulse on 'what's in' across food, fashion, home wares and everyday living. Its staff view things from a global perspective, while maintaining their strong local knowledge that fuses global trends with Japanese sensibilities. Candlewick partners with clients to deliver programs that make sense and are practical to survive today's modern world in a fun, beautiful and functional way.

Hiromi Yamamoto
Hair & Makeup Artist

It’s been a fantastic experience to work with Candlewick on promoting French wines and working together on the Le Tour de France events. The planning has been smooth and the various meetings with Noriko and her team were always positive. The era of having different business approaches for Japan and internationally has ended. We live in truly global times and organizations like Candlewick are at the forefront of delivering great results.

Florent Dabadie
Sports Journalist (WOWOW TV, FUJI TV)

We appointed Candlewick as our PR agency in order to gain public attention to Swedish fashion and accessories brands exhibiting at Embassy of Sweden in Tokyo. Despite a very tight time frame Candlewick managed to deliver a great result thanks to a hard-working attitude and a deep network in the fashion industry. The high level of English communication at Candlewick also makes the process so much more efficient compared with other Japanese agencies.

Martin Koos
Embassy of Sweden, Commercial Office

On many occasions I’ve asked Candlewick for client-related interviews with designers and hotels, and I’m always pleasantly surprised with their quick delivery and professional response at such short notice. The team has excellent language capabilities and negotiation skills. They constantly exceed my expectations and I know I can always rely on them. They are a great organization with a terrific team and work ethics.

Atsuko Fujioka
Fashion Journalist, Representative of f Project

I've worked with Candlewick as a guest speaker at various event. Because of their extensive experience in planning and executing events, the team always works efficiently and their event management is first-class. They are caring, reliable and a pleasure to work with. I know that I am in good hands when collaborating with Candlewick and look forward to working with them again.

August Hergesheimer
Doctor of Nutritional Science and Anti-aging Specialist, Founder/CEO of Abios

Candlewick is able to deliver a broad spectrum of services - from marketing and PR, to strategic consultation and creative concepts. It is a unique organization that brings together a team of experts to do what it does best. This female team pays attention to detail, are patient and flexible in their method and delivery, and always deliver results.

Yoshinobu Kashima
Art Director, Kashima Design Space