Skincare made from French thermal waters

Uriage, a hot spring located in eastern France, is also known as being a health retreat for more than 2,000 years. A French pharmaceutical firm that came to recognize the therapeutic effects of Uriage’s thermal waters produced a skincare line named after the town. Since then, Uriage has been imported and sold by Sato Pharmaceutical, a major Japanese pharmaceutical company.

Candlewick worked with Sato Pharmaceutical to hold a media conference with doctors participating from their laboratory in France. Specifically, we were tasked with providing guidance on the content of the presentation as well as executing media relations for the event. By utilizing our knowledge of dermatology and our strong relationships with beauty writers, we were able to deliver a successful event. Even with no new products in the pipeline, we were able to reach influencers within the beauty industry. We were able to create opportunities for them to try the range and become familiar with its features, which left a strong impression. As a result we were able to succeed in having Uriage introduced in almost all articles that featured thermal water cosmetics and sensitive skin care products.