Eileen Malone


Brand development by centering on a real high-end story

Eileen Malone is a high-end skincare brand, originating from their salon in London, where British nobility frequently visit. Its skincare range was developed to replicate the moisturizing technique used at the end of salon treatments by the late Princess of Wales, Diana.

Candlewick was responsible for its successful launch in the Japanese market. From branding to packaging to marketing, including the development of the brand’s website, promotional activities and product placement at major department stores and boutiques in Tokyo, we were successful in building Eileen Malone’s brand image within a short amount of time. We planned PR events targeting high-end consumers at Hotel Seiyo Ginza, limited to female guests and registered pre-ordered sales at well-known department stores. In addition, we were able to generate consistent coverage for the brand in target publications.