Steam Cream

SC. Cosmetics


‘Made in Japan’ cream using a British recipe

Steam Cream is a moisturizing cream, rich in essential oils and created by using a high-temperature steam to blend together the natural ingredients. Based on a recipe originating in the United Kingdom, the cream was developed and is manufactured in Japan, using high-quality materials.

Candlewick’s first encounter with Steam Cream was when it was a moisturizing cream in a jar. We supported all steps of its development; from naming the brand to developing concepts, including an environment-friendly package, logo, identifying sales channels and putting into place promotional plans and PR activities. We sent samples to key influencers to endorse the brand, in addition to other activities to increase visibility and reach. Steam Cream is now a bestselling product, with thousands of units sold in just one day during White Day on March 14, a day when men send gifts and candy to women who gave them Valentine Day gifts.