Qatar Friendship Fund (QFF)


Building together the future of Tohoku – Qatar’s Friendship Fund

Qatar Friendship Fund (QFF) is a charitable fund established by Qatar to support the reconstruction efforts in Japan following the March 11 earthquake and tsunami. From January 2012, QFF will invest over 8 billion yen over three years to reconstruct areas devastated by the natural disaster. The amount is the largest contribution by a single country. It will focus on four key areas - education, fisheries, healthcare and supporting industries. What makes QFF unique is that they don’t just provide money; they work together with NPOs and NGOs to deliver projects they fund.

Candlewick has been working with QFF and promoting the facilities established using its funds, through various activities including ongoing media outreach to generate editorial for each collaboration, regular press conferences and opening ceremonies for completed projects. Candlewick also works with QFF’s goodwill ambassador, Japanese actor Tetsuya Bessho to further raise awareness and interest in their activities. We’ve also been managing QFF’s Facebook page to encourage engagement and cross-border dialogue between the two countries.