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From entering the Japanese market to establishing a leading position

de Mamiel is a holistic cosmetic brand, started by Annee de Mamiel in her London salon. Annee, the founder of the brand, traveled around the world searching for the highest quality ingredients and blended them with great care.
Skincare is a daily routine. Take that time to refresh yourself. This is the brand’s concept.

We have been assisting this brand since the planning stages for entering the Japanese market. We settled on “mindfulness”, which has penetrated Japan as a stress coping method, as the core message of the brand since the early stages of the brand’s launch.

Our PR approach is focused on the brand story, such as Annee’s passion, the brand’s history, and her way of skincare. Though the products are relatively expensive, we have been gaining fans in the beauty industry who connect with and understand the brand concept, which gradually led to greater media exposure. We also assisted in the development of sales channels, using our connections to successfully launch in stores that suit the brand’s image. We found that even though the product and packaging were appealing, commercial distribution was not well-ordered and the product was often placed on sales floors not suited to the brand’s image. So, we also offered staff training, in order to match the service to the brand’s image.

Of course, this didn’t happen overnight. We spent many hours communicating with the media, retailers, and consumers in order to send a consistent brand image, which established the brand’s current position.

*de Mamiel is available at stores including BEAUTY APOTHECARY at Isetan Shinjuku.