Products made in the ‘best interest of the child’

STOKKE is a Norwegian manufacturer of baby products and accessories. It has created its highly sought after products, in the best interest of the child, for more than 80 years. The concept of the brand is one of ‘growing together’ to support not only the growth of the child, but also the bond between a parent and child.

Candlewick supports STOKKE with ongoing PR activities such as the dissemination of press releases, media caravans and press conferences. In addition, we continue to plan and execute a variety of events and activities to attract public attention such as: designing and building STOKKE’s exhibition booth at a maternity exhibition; creating STOKKE-branded rooms that are totally coordinated with STOKKE items at four Risonare Resorts, a family resort under the prominent Hoshino Resort Group; events to introduce new products to influential bloggers, and product placements with models and celebrities popular with mother-to-be and mothers.