Garrard Japan


Purveyor to the Royal Household: Garrard, the Crown Jeweler

Garrard, established in the United Kingdom in 1735, is the world’s oldest luxury jewelry brand. Since 1845, when the brand was designated as the Queen’s Crown Jeweler, the jewelry house has provided jewels and accessories for royal coronations as a Purveyor to the Royal Household. Recently, Princess Catherine’s engagement ring by Garrard received a lot of coverage in the media.

Candlewick planned, executed and invited guests to a cocktail party to view a new collection, where the world’s one-and-only Crown Jeweler, who received his title from the Queen, was invited as a special guest. Many celebrities and influencers, including Japanese actresses and ballet dancers, enjoyed beautiful classical music along with champagne and fine canapés. Candlewick was able to deliver the best hospitality at a party that required world-class food and an ambience for high-end clients and influencers to endorse and support the brand.