New Zealand Grass-fed Beef

Beef + Lamb New Zealand


Raising brand awareness for healthy New Zealand Grass-fed Beef

Beef and Lamb New Zealand is an organization funded by beef and lamb farmers, retailers and processors in New Zealand. In Japan, it works on strengthening the partnership with the food industry and the increase of New Zealand Grass-fed Beef and lamb exports to Japan. New Zealand Grass-fed Beef is a healthy, lean meat from cattle grazed on quality grass and raised freely in the great nature of New Zealand.

Candlewick supported the overall PR and marketing activities for New Zealand Grass-fed Beef in Japan for the press, trade, and general consumers. In addition to the planning and execution of press conferences, consumer events and trade seminars, Candlewick also directs the creation of promotional items, and manages all digital activities – such as the Japanese website, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and the operation of digital campaigns through various SNS channels.