New Zealand Avocados

The New Zealand Avocado Industry Council


Enjoy New Zealand avocados’ at its best!

The New Zealand Avocado Industry Council is responsible for market expansion and sales activities in Japan and other countries in Asia. Its goal is to raise awareness and increase market share for New Zealand avocados. Candlewick oversees PR and marketing activities in Japan, acting as the official trade representative on behalf of the Council.

New Zealand avocados are only exported to Japan from September to January annually, when the fruit is at its best (‘shun’ in Japanese). Candlewick executes various promotional outreach including: consumer tasting events at stores, seasonal launch events for media, the creation of campaign materials and POP tools for supermarkets and samplings. In addition, Candlewick creates and manages campaign websites and social media platforms for New Zealand Avocados. The rare value of New Zealand avocados, due to its ‘shun’ and strict control standards set by the government, as well as the rich nutritional and beauty benefits, form the primary key messages delivered in Japan.