Morinaga Milk Industry


Communicating Morinaga’s zeal for MOW

Morinaga’s MOW Ice Cream was first launched in 2003. Although MOW is sold at a reasonable price for everyday enjoyment, it is made using only high quality ingredients and produced with care to bring out the natural flavors and superior taste.

Candlewick conducted a series of PR activities to raise awareness and knowledge of MOW’s use of high quality ingredients and superior taste. Anyone who tastes MOW is convinced of its deliciousness. However, to reach those who had never tasted MOW before and those who had, but did not know of its fastidiousness in producing its superior taste, Candlewick conducted a tasting caravan over a two-month period reaching more than 50 media outlets. Candlewick also planned and hosted tasting events for influential ice cream and gourmet food bloggers, as well as developed recipes and promoted seasonal flavors.