Swiss Deliceスイスデリス ロゴ

Comprehensive support of a foreign brand’s expansion in the Japanese market


An effective localization of a global brand that resonates with the Japanese market.

Swiss Delice is an export brand developed by Switzerland’s biggest retail vendor, the MIGROS cooperative association. Out of their range of over 20,000 commercial products, they chose the products that would most represent the true deliciousness of Swiss food and would be suitable to carry this taste out into the world. To this end, Swiss Delice was created as a cross-category brand and will be distributed globally, starting with the Japanese market.

At Candlewick, we offer total support from the localization of the brand message to hosting a launch event at the Embassy of Switzerland, from handling media relations, setting up and operating SNS channels to planning social media campaigns and creating collaterals.

Choosing words that resonate with Japanese, communicating and working together with a brand’s own foreign creative agencies, developing communication design suitable for approaching B2B as well as B2C customers and successfully localizing the company’s efforts in an efficient way is what Candlewick does best.

When it comes to PR strategy, we make use of the experience and network we’ve gained through the many food brands we’ve supported with PR up until now, which enables an efficient approach while allowing for flexibility when it comes to proposals and coming up with fresh ideas that are hand-tailored to the brand.