Well, it’s almost time to start a new school year! This week, we would like to introduce Primotoy’s Cubetto programming tool, for which Candlewick is the exclusive distributor in Japan.

It is used by more than 120 educational institutions, including kindergartens and nursery schools.
Cubetto does not require letters and does not use a PC, so even preschoolers can experience programming.

Candlewick is also working to highlight Cubetto’s appeal to educational institutions and the general public through social media and newsletters!

As interest in programming education grows, many parents are wondering how to incorporate it into their children’s education, and Cubetto is attracting more and more attention.

Cubetto, a programming tool that Candlewick discovered in the UK in 2016 and began distributing in Japan, does not have a manual. The child decides from the goal and starting point by themself. thus stimulating creativity and objective thinking. Adults do not give answers, but rather “guide” the child’s thinking, helping them to think independently.

Cubetto Japan’s Instagram @primotoysjapan offers tips on how to play!