This week we continue to post about the sustainable approach to tourism of the clients we support and introduce the ways that you too can have a sustainable holiday.

©Miles Holden

Candlewick, which aims to “nurture sustainability through perception change”, is proud to be involved in the PR of Tourism New Zealand, a country leading the world in sustainability.

With a long history of working to protect the environment, New Zealand has many sustainable forms of accommodation. Today we would like to introduce you to one of the most unique!

Pure Pod is an eco-friendly lodging facility built in the middle of a natural wonderland, with glass walls all around to provide a 360-degree view of New Zealand’s nature and star-filled skies. The solar panels provide electricity for the refrigerator, LED lights, and water system, and bio-fuel heaters provide hot water and heating.

As we continue to await the day when the borders will open again, perhaps your next travel plans could include a unique overnight experience that allows your senses to experience the bounty of New Zealand’s natural beauty?

©Daniel Rood

Have you ever heard of a “starry sky reserve”? The International Dark-Sky Association recognizes outstanding efforts to protect and preserve the beauty of the dark night sky, free from the effects of light pollution- and New Zealand is home to 4 of these certified sites. Limiting light pollution in the protected areas, not only can the stars be seen better, but it also saves energy and protects wildlife.

According to the Maori lunar calendar, Matariki, a cluster of stars that appears in the north-eastern sky of New Zealand from late May to early June, signifies the start of the Maori New Year. An important part of Maori culture, Matariki will become a national holiday from next year (2022). The purpose of this day is to deepen the understanding of Maori culture, to learn from it, and to learn about its history.

In New Zealand, the Maori philosophy of “Kaitiakitanga” (protection and conservation) is highly valued. As a PR company that supports domestic and international travel, we can learn a lot from New Zealand’s approach to protecting land, sea, and culture.

In New Zealand, a country leading the world in sustainability, sustainable activities have become a part of daily life. In Japan, the 3Rs (Reuse, Reduce, Recycle) are well known, but in New Zealand, the 5Rs (Refill, Repair) are becoming more and more common.

Hanako’s Insta-Live is a must-see, giving a glimpse into New Zealand’s attitude and ingenuity towards the environment, such as using eco-bags, eco-cups in cafes, and using reusable plastic wrap.

Check out @hanako_magazine and watch the Insta Live “Learning from Sustainable New Zealand! Sustainable Lifestyle”!