As Japan has been holding the Olympic and Paralympic Games, we are introducing how some members of Candlewick team have been and are involved with sports.

For the first time, our team member – Ms. Suzuki.

The 2020 Olympics recently came to a close, and I wondered if, and how everyone watched it. As a beauty brand PR specialist, I was fascinated by the beauty of the athletes as well as their passion for their sports. Top athletes who train hard every day to reach their goals are beautiful and lively even when they are not dressed up or wearing makeup.

As for me and sports, I’ve been juggling work, home life, my kids, and other tasks, so it’s hard to make time for it! This is my excuse for not exercising for the past 10 years. If I had to guess, I’d say that I’m just barely able to keep up with my daily routine of running, dashing up the stairs, and riding my bicycle (assisted by electric motor), picking up and dropping off my children. Now that I have to wear a mask during all of this, I think of this as my form of “training”.

It’s not easy to make time for yourself when you have small children, but next year my youngest will be entering elementary school. To achieve the beauty of a top athlete, as well as to stay positive and not let stress get the best of me, I would like to start getting my body moving again. For now, I’ll just focus on picking out some exercise clothes.

Next, our CEO, Noriko Silvester.

Tennis, aerobics, jazzercise (too outdated?!), golfing- from my student days, through to becoming an working adult, I’ve always been physically active. For work, I have played on a championship course in Malaysia for tourism PR, and played on a new course in New Caledonia that was just opening to new customers Being able to play golf is very useful for my work.

I have also been able to enjoy golfing with my only son, which served as a good barometer to see my son’s growth and development. The first picture is of a prestigious golf course in Izu, Japan that we visited when he was in junior high school. I had a very nice time with both the ocean and cherry blossoms in view, and my husband joined us to play for the first time with the three of us. The next two pictures were taken in Malaysia. I remember hitting shots towards the ocean, which felt amazing. Golf is a sport of patience- when we played the course in England last year, I was impressed by my 19-year-old son’s level-headedness and perseverance. I remember how happy I was to see that he was starting show some sense of self-control. In our family, my husband does not play golf, so we have been communicating with one another by having my son and my husband cycling and driving sports cars together, and my son and I playing golf and tennis.

Sports aren’t just good for the body, they’re great for the mind and for creating bonds with others. Next time I’m in Monaco, I want to play golf and tennis! I LOVE SPORTS!

Lastly, Ms. Kimata, has been with this company for one year.

I was the type who didn’t exercise much when I was a student. Ever since I was little, I grew up around music, such as the piano and violin. Since I started working, I was worried about lack of exercise probably because l often sit in a chair. So I went to a tennis school trial lesson near my house. A bit embarrassing to admit, but at the age of 22, I finally found it fun to move.

Since then, I’ve been trying various sports, and now I’m most addicted to golf. My father’s influence was the catalyst, and now I spend my days studying how to use my body on You Tube and practicing my swing. Listening to music as I practice, I have come to be able to hit shots again and again by capturing golf swings in a rhythm. l am amazed at the relationship between music and sports.

Golf is said to be a lifelong sport, and Candlewick’s CEO, Ms. Silvester stated that it would be useful for work. It seems like a sport that can be enjoyed for a long time.