This week, we want to look at two of Candlewick’s areas of expertise – travel and food! This week’s blog will introduce the delicious food experiences Candlewick members have had abroad.

First up, Catherine.

Out of all the places I have visited, my favourite country to visit when it comes to food is the USA. Perhaps it’s because I am a big fan of junky food and sweets?

Regardless, before visiting the US, I make sure to plan my travel itinerary around what restaurants and cafes I will visit.

I love old style diners that have a lot of history, small mom and pop stores, and recently I keep my eye out for interesting vegan and locally sourced options. In fact, the best pancakes I have ever eaten in my life were vegan pancakes in Los Angeles (pic ..)!

I am hoping to travel to New York when travel is possible again- there are so many places I have saved on my Google maps, and the list keeps growing!

Next, Ms. Shimmura will talk about the food of Turkey.

When you hear the country “Turkey”, “kebabs” would probably come to mind. Actually, Turkish food, with French and Chinese food, is known as one of the “three great cuisines of the world”.

Turkish food is great, but my recommendation is Turkish breakfast!

Breakfast in Turkey is a valued as a special time to spend with family, and to be enjoyed slowly- particularly on the weekends and holidays.

It is a smorgasbord of cheese, cream, eggs, olives, bread, cucumbers, tomatoes, butter, honey and jam, fruit, chai and much, much more.

A local friend took me to Van Kahvaltı Evi – a place packed with people from early in the morning.

A perfect breakfast enjoyed with a cup of chai- a must-try if you ever visit Turkey!

Last up is Ms. Asano!

What country comes to mind when you hear “gastronomy”?

For me, it’s Spain- a place where you can indulge in all the wonders of seafood. Spain has a strong ‘bar culture’, which describes the standing bars where you can enjoy small dishes called tapas. Each bar has its own speciality, and tourists are often seen bar hopping from once place to the next!

When I was a student, I worked at a Spanish bar in Chiba and I always wanted to have the experience of the real thing. So, before graduating, I visited San Sebastian in the Basque Country, a place known as one of the most gourmet cities in the world! Whilst it is not a large city, there are hundreds of bars to enjoy various kinds of meat, seafood, and other tapas.

Take a look at some of the many tapas I enjoyed during that time! When travel is possible again, why don’t you take a delicious trip to San Sebastian?