June 5th is World Environment Day 🍃 Here are some of the things our staff is doing for the environment. First of all, our CEO, Mr. Sylvester!

While our son is overseas, there’s only two of us, so we cook rice only two days a week.
Even so, we use a lot of water when we clean the rice. In an effort to reuse as much water as possible, we put the used water in a container and use it for plants in our garden. Sometimes I can’t do this when I am in a hurry, but recently I have been able to do it every time.
The mixture of bran and germ should be more nutritious than just water. And most importantly, it is natural.
Maybe that’s why the roses are definitely producing more flowers this year (I think it’s partly due to the weather, too). 
The image of the white cloth is a cloth made of recycled fiber from the famous Marseille soap.
It dries easily and absorbs moisture well.
It was a weekend to remind me that upcycling is enough to make things, that are of good quality, that can be made without using new raw materials from the earth.

When I was in New Caledonia, I was moved and amazed by the pristine view of the World Heritage Lagoon from the sky, and this experience strengthened my desire to cherish the beautiful nature and animals that exist on the earth as they are. In Spain, I often go into the ocean, so I make sure to use ocean-friendly sunscreen when doing so. I also try to do small things that I can do on a daily basis, such as carrying my own water bottle and conserving water and electricity.

As someone who is prone to getting cold, there is one thing I cannot live without all year round: a hot water bottle from ‘fashy’. These soft hot water bottles from Germany can also be used as a cold water pillow when it is hot. They are easy to use and very durable, and some of them have been in use for 10 years now. Another great thing about hot water bottles is that they gradually cool down when you use them when you go to bed, allowing you to fall into a deep sleep without waking up too hot. There are a wide variety of designs, and I look forward to adding to my collection in the future.