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新プロモーション“フランスワインを手にフランスを味わおう!with成城石井” プレス発表会開催 
Experience French wines with Seijo Ishii press conference

去る5月14日(水)、麻布十番にある成城石井直営のワインバー「Le Bar a Vin 52 AZABU TOKYO」にて、新プロモーション“フランスワインを手にフランスを味わおう!with成城石井”のプレス発表会を行い、約50名のプレス関係者の方々にお集まりいただきました。


そこで私たちは、そのアピールポイントを最大限に訴求するため、今回ワイン販売に特に力をいれている(株)成城石井の協力を得て、3-4産地を年4回にわけて12産地全てを紹介するプロモーションを、全国の成城石井の店舗(酒類取り扱いのない店舗は除く)と成城石井直営のワインバー「Le Bar a Vin 52 AZABU TOKYO」にて、初めて開催することになりました。


また今回のプロモーションを特別に後援していただいた在日フランス大使館 企業振興部 ユビフランスからは、上席貿易官(酒類・食品担当)のダビット・ローラン様にご挨拶いただき、フランスワインにとっての日本市場の重要性についてコメントをいただきました。


On Wednesday May 14, more than 50 journalists gathered for a press conference – Experience French wines with Seijo Ishii at Le Bar a Vin 52 AZABU TOKYO in Azabujuban Tokyo, a wine bar directly managed by Seijo Ishii.

Since being appointed by France Agrimer, the French Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries to promote French wines from 12 regions of France, Candlewick has conducted a number of promotional campaigns. The main feature of this particular campaign was the 12 regions coming together to collaborate on a single initiative.

To drive participation, we collaborated with Seijo Ishii, an experienced and specialist importer and wine merchant. Four events are planned over the next 12 months to introduce all 12 regions, with each event focusing on three to four, in all Seijo Ishii retailers that sell alcohol, as well as at the wine bar Le Bar a Vin 52 AZABU TOKYO.

This campaign aims to introduce the rich characteristics and various flavors of French wines from 12 regions to enable Japanese consumers to feel closer to French wine and enjoy it at home with their meals.

David Rolland Chef de Pôle Agroalimentaire at UBIFRANCE from the French Trade Commission and the French Embassy in Japan, attended the event, greeted guests and explained the importance of the Japanese market to the French wine industry.

Attending journalists enjoyed the event and pairing of nuts, uncured ham and cheese with wines from 12 regions. Wines from Corsica and Jura and Savoie were the most popular as they are significantly harder to find in Japan.

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