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デ・マミエールの新スキンケアライン “ボタニークス” プレス発表会 
The latest de Mamiel skincare line “botaniques” unveiled to the media

日々のストレスがもたらすバランスや調和の欠如に立ち向かう現代人に必要な、全く新しい“心と肌のケア”を提案するウェルビーイング スキンケアブランド de Mamiel(デ・マミエール)。2010年にイギリス・ロンドンの施術ルームからスタートしたこちらのブランドに、キャンドルウィックでは、ブランディングから店舗販売促進、PR活動に携わり、昨年12月に日本でローンチしました。

“de Mamiel” is a well-being skincare brand that proposes a totally new “care of the heart and skin”, which is essential for modern people who have to overcome the loss of balance and wholeness caused by everyday stress. The UK skincare brand was created in 2010 by Annee de Mamiel, an acupuncturist, aromatherapist and healing holistic facialist. She started the line from her treatment room in London. Candlewick has been supporting de Mamiel with its branding, distribution, PR and finally the brand launch in Japan in December 2014.


ローンチ以来徐々に注目を集め始めていたデ・マミエールから、2015年秋、トータルスキンケアライン botaniques (ボタニークス)が日本上陸するはこびとなり、先日プレス向け発表会を行いました。表参道から程近い会場で行われた発表会にて、キャンドルウィックはイベントの企画から会場装飾、イベントの進行など多岐に渉って担当しました。その様子をご紹介します。

A press event was held recently by the brand, which is steadily building its’ brand recognition in Japan, to mark its launch of the 2015 autumn total skincare line “botaniques”. Candlewick supported the event, which was held at a venue nearby Omotesando station, from planning, interior design, through to the actual day of the event.



This is the venue. The display was coordinated so the guests could feel the powerful vibes of the plants, aligned with the image of the “de Mamiel” brand, which is known to hand-blend strictly selected natural materials from around the world.



ブランド創始者 アニー・デ・マミエールの自宅に招かれたようなアットホームなイメージを出すため、あえて少人数のセミナー方式に。アニーがソファーに座ると、リラックスしたムードでトークショーが始まりました。今回イベントのために初来日したアニーは、初めて日本のプレス関係者の前で、デ・マミエール ブランドや自分自身のライフスタイルについて語りました。
The chairs were put in the shape of a small group seminar-style, so the visitors could feel like they came to founder Annee de Mamiel’s home to learn her secrets. The talk show began after Annee was seated on the comfortable sofa, in a relaxed mood. Annee, on her first visit to Japan, talked for the first time before the Japanese media about her de Mamiel brand and her own lifestyle.



Annee provided a lecture using actual products, and advised on breathing techniques. She encouraged the audience to change their perception of the morning/evening skincare from a simple beauty habit to a self-counseling ritual, saying the ritual would be a precious time one could relax and be themselves again.



Participants were led to the testing room after the talk show to try out the product line. Annee and the staff advised the participants on their most recommended items, the ingredients, and how to apply them.



最後に、デ・マミエール ブランド創立の地であるイギリスの伝統料理を参考にしたフィンガーフードと、ティーやシャンパンで、アニーとティータイムをお楽しみいただきました。
Last but not least, Annee and the visitors enjoyed a tea break with finger food inspired from traditional British dishes (the country where de Mamiel was founded), with tea and champagne.



11月発売予定のボタニークス スキンケアラインで、ストレスを解放し、心を豊かに内側から輝く肌を手に入れて。
The skincare brand de Mamiel proposes a holistic approach to both the heart and the skin, to busy modern women. Its latest “botaniques” skincare line, in stores from November, could be your best solution to easing your daily stress, and creating glowing skin from a rich and relaxed soul.

de Mamiel Official Website

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「ことりっぷ ニューカレドニア」出版記念トークイベント 
@代官山 蔦屋書店 
“Co-Trip New Caledonia” Launch Event at Tsutaya


先月、「ことりっぷ ニューカレドニア」の出版およびニューカレドニアの魅力を広めることを目的として、代官山 蔦屋書店にて出版記念トークイベントを行いました。
A talk show event upon the publication of the latest installment of the popular guidebook series, “Co-trip New Caledonia” was held at Daikanyama Tsutaya Books last month. Talk show guests talked about the many attractions of this beautiful country.


Candlewick planned this event from start to finish, which included creating contents and presentations, managing and executing the event, inviting the audience, and handling all media and customer inquiries.

Short movies on New Caledonia were shown before the talk show with Ms. Maki Tamaru, New Caledonia’s PR Ambassador, and Mr. Sachio Araki, a writer and travel concierge. Ms. Tamaru shared her first-trip experience with her son to New Caledonia along with some secret side stories, recommended spots, restaurants and must-buy souvenirs.

Even though it rained continuously on the day of the event, around fifty guests attended, all chosen by lottery, with some bringing exciting news such as “I am going to New Caledonia on Saturday!” and “I always spend the New Year’s vacation in New Caledonia”. These positive comments showed that the name value of this wonderful destination, and demand to visit New Caledonia is increasing thanks to our PR efforts throughout 2015.



Members of the audience posted their reports on the event via various SNS and blog pages as below:

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“Hej! スウェーデンからこんにちは”  
トッカ・ボッカ PRブースを初出展 
Hej! Greetings from Sweden. First Toca Boca PR booth in Japan!

スウェーデン生まれの遊びのスタジオ、トッカ・ボッカ社は、8月29日(土)、30日(日)の2日間、東京・渋谷にて開催された「ワークショップコレクション11 in シブヤ」(主催: NPO法人CANVAS)に初めてPRブースを出展しました。
Toca Boca, the award-winning play studio that makes digital toys for kids, was thrilled to exhibit their first PR booth in Japan at the “Workshop Collection 11 in Shibuya” (Host: NPO CANVAS) on August 29th and 30th (Sat.-Sun.) in Shibuya, Tokyo.



The event was mainly held at two office buildings soon scheduled to be demolished. This was an exciting opportunity for the children, who were allowed to express their creativity freely on all walls, windows, floors and ceilings, as well as through more than 100 workshops designed to stimulate children’s creativity and power of expression.

Toca Boca’s booth had Toca Boca digital toy corner, as well as a colorful sticker workshop and a coloring corner. The booth was packed with lively kids and their guardians throughout the event.



The new apps corner was especially popular. Kids enjoyed “Toca Nature”, an app where users can create their own forest, inspired by the deep forests of Sweden. They loved “Toca Hair salon 2”, the latest installment of the app where users can change hairstyles of the on-screen character. And of course “Toca Kitchen”, where kids and make their own dishes using various foods and tools, as well as many other mind-blowing apps.



This event proved Toca Boca’s strength in creating superior communication tools. Children who met for the first time at the event became very close in no time, all thanks to Toca Boca’s apps. There were many children laughing together and having great fun sharing the same game screens at the booth. There were girls proudly showing off their cuisine and hairstyles created with Toca Boca apps to their parents. The smile of a mother, playing Toca Boca apps with her children, showed us how digital apps can also be a fun communication channel between friends and family.


Candlewick will continue its PR activities so more and more children, and their parents, will not only see the charms of Toca Boca and its digital toys, but enjoy being immersed within the world of Toca Boca.

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