東京・駐日英国大使館、大阪・駐日英国総領事館 貿易対英投資部(UKTI)により設立された「エキスポート・トゥ・ジャパン」が2013年11月1日より正式に活動を開始しました。キャンドルウィックは、このUKTIが運営するオンラインプラットフォーム「エキスポート・トゥ・ジャパン」のオフィシャルパートナー企業として正式に任命されました。
Export to Japan, a scheme established by UK Trade & Investment (UKTI), based at the British Embassy Tokyo and Consulate-General Osaka was officially launched on November 1st, 2013. Candlewick is delighted to announce it has been appointed as an official partner for the scheme by UKTI.

Export to Japan Official Website
UK Trade & Investment (UKTI) support UK-based companies to succeed in an increasingly global world by providing them with knowledge, advice and practical support. Companies looking to enter the Japanese market have access to experts in various fields.
Export to Japan provides its members with regular and up-to-date information about from market specialists who know Japan. This includes information about the latest market opportunities, advice on doing business and tips from those who have already tasted success. To become a member of Export to Japan UK companies can register for free online.
There are three categories – Basic, Silver and Gold, and the level of access and service depends on which one companies have signed up for. (Please see the note to the editors)
◆ 貿易対英投資部(UKTI)について
● Twitter: www.twitter.com/Export2Japan
● Facebook: www.facebook.com/exporttojapan
● Linkedin: www.linkedin.com/company/export-to-japan
◆ レギュラー会員
• 日本でビジネスをするため、また準備するための記事および動画の閲覧
• 英国企業のための日本での様々なビジネスチャンスのバックグラウンド情報
• 日本企業とのビジネスチャンスに関する定期的な情報
• マーケットスペシャリストに直接質問可能
• 日本関連の最新イベント情報一覧
◆ シルバー会員
• イギリス、日本、またはオンライン上のイベントへの参加申し込み
• 貿易対英投資部のマーケットスペシャリストとの個別面談の予約
• エキスポート・トゥ・ジャパンのオンラインセミナーの視聴
• 特定の事業分野における専門家からみた市場動向についての動画視聴
• マーケットスペシャリストによる詳細レポート
• エキスポート・トゥ・ジャパンの公認ビジネスパートナー・ネットワーク企業の連絡先とプロフィールへのアクセス
• レギュラー会員の全サービスの利用
◆ ゴールド会員
• エキスポート・トゥ・ジャパンの公認ビジネスパートナー・ネットワーク企業が提供する、限定オファーへのオンラインアクセス
• 個別のメンバーシップパックとカード
• レギュラー会員およびシルバー会員の全サービスの利用
About UK Trade & Investment (UKTI)
UKTI Japan is based in the British Embassy Tokyo and British Consulate-General Osaka. UKTI supported around 2000 UK companies understand the market in 2013, with direct support for around 150 to enter or expand into the market. UKTI ensures the UK companies benefit depending on its needs. The online platform, Export to Japan has been established by UKTI along with British Airways, the British Chamber of Commerce and Business Link Japan to provide the UK companies better access to information.
Social media networks on Export to Japan
● Twitter: www.twitter.com/Export2Japan
● Facebook: www.facebook.com/exporttojapan
● Linkedin: www.linkedin.com/company/export-to-japan
Basic membership
Eligibility: Available to all users on the site. No Sign-up Required
• Read articles and watch videos about getting started and doing business in Japan
• Get background on the different opportunity sectors in Japan for UK companies
• See regular specific Business Opportunities with Japanese companies
• Contact our Market Specialists Directly with your enquiries
• See a List of Upcoming Japan Events
Silver membership
Eligibility: For any individuals working for registered UK-based companies
• Register or Express your Interest for our events in the UK, Japan or Online
• Book one-to-one meetings with UK Trade & Investment market experts
• Watch Export to Japan Webinars
• See videos with market insights in your sector from the experts
• Get in-depth reports and from market specialists
• See Profiles and Contact details for all our accredited Business Partner Network companies
• Access to all Basic pages
Gold membership
Eligibility: For UK-based companies that have already paid or accessed a significant service from the UK Trade & Investment Japan Team since January 2009. Gold membership is by Invitation-only. Please note that you cannot sign up for Gold membership through the Export to Japan site.
• Online Access to Exclusive Negotiated Offers provided by our Accredited Business Partners Network Companies
• A personalized Membership Pack and Card
• Access to all Basic and Silver Membership services