A holiday party was held to celebrate the 1-year anniversary of Asprey’s flagship store, “Asprey Sun Motoyama Ginza”, a brand which conveys the true value of British luxury. Everyone came dressed in holiday attire, featuring the brand colour of purple.

As a special guest, Fashion Director Yoshimasa Hoshiba attended the event and shared various stories about the significance of fashion. Later in the evening, guests participated in a fun Asprey quiz competition, with the opportunity to win luxurious prizes!

Guy Perryman, a popular radio personality from Inter FM who was awarded the Medal MBE from Her Majesty the Queen, produced a compilation of background music with the theme of James Bond films, adding to the atmosphere of the event.

We also began a Christmas display on the night of the party in the window facing Ginza’s Namiki Street. The display featured iconic landscapes such as Big Ben, Tower Bridge, and the London Eye, in an illumination with purple light to represent Asprey’s brand colour.