The sun is shining! Let’s take a look at some of the features of Candlewick’s office!

The name of the main meeting room at Candlewick’s office is “White”. The name reflects our desire to encourage creative discussions with a clean slate.

From ‘White’s windows, you can see the Imperial Palace and moat, and below the window is a park where local children come to play. Along with brainstorming, it is a place where we can refresh ourselves with the sound of birdsong and see the seasons changing.

We hope that the restrictions on face to face meetings will soon be a thing of the past, and that we can meet you all in this room once again.


The Candlewick office entrance is an important space as the front door to the company.

Candlewick decorates the entrance with seasonal flowers so that visitors and staff can enter and exit the office with a positive feeling.

Will it be cherry blossoms on display next?
We’re looking forward to seeing flowers heralding the arrival of spring.


Finally, Candlewick’s CEO and founder, Noriko Silvester describes the location of the Candlewick office:

“When I had the first viewing five years ago, I imagined that I would be able to talk about it with some air of pretension when I told foreign guests- “It’s right next to the British Embassy.”

I still remember being overwhelmed by the view as soon as I walked in.
And my guests, many of which are Japanese, say, “It’s so chic!”, “Of course, it’s right in front of the Imperial Palace!” as they step into office. It’s almost like a cliché at this point.

Marunouchi’s buildings are truly beautiful as they reflect the changing seasonal colours of the setting sun. In spring, the cherry blossoms of Chidorigafuchi can be seen.
Every time I see it, I am glad that I chose this office.”