For those of you who are getting used to your new life, here are some tips from CDW members on how to spend your daily life that’s filled with Well Being.

First, let’s start with Kimata, who loves to cook. I love to eat, and I am in charge of a number of food-related clients. I always try to be aware of where the food I eat comes from and how it is made. The photo is from a time when I invited friends over and cooked a Spanish-themed meal. It is a great change of pace to cook while imagining that the other person will be happy.

Candlewick CEO and founder Noriko Silvester often says, “Cooking is very similar to work in terms of multitasking.” I hope to continue cooking so that I can get things set up better at work!

Next up is Shinmura. I love to travel, and when I was a student, I used to travel around Japan or abroad every time I had a vacation, but it has become more and more difficult with the pandemic and my work schedule.

It was during this time that I started kickboxing. Kickboxing is more like exercise because you work out and move your body to music, but it’s a great way to relieve stress and build strength! I have always loved sports, but I haven’t played for a while, so I feel the importance of being physically active again!

The last one is from Asano. A new habit I have started recently is to take time to enjoy a cup of tea after dinner. Since I recently purchased a tea maker “UPPHETTA” at IKEA, I have been brewing and drinking tea every night after dinner. It may be because the aroma of the tea helps me relax or because it warms my body, but it has helped me sleep better, despite always having a hard time falling asleep.

I drink Monaco tea every day because I love the aroma of Monaco tea, which is promoted by the Monaco Tourism Bureau (at Candlewick). I am about to run out, so I want to start looking for my next favourite tea.

I’d love to hear other’s tips for spending your new life with wellbeing, too!