Do you know about ‘Kaitiakitanga’?
It is the Māori concept of care for people and place.

“When nature thrives, we all thrive”

Through our work with NZTE, we have learnt so much more about the way New Zealand cares for the way its products are made, and how to look after the land that it comes from.

When it comes to sustainble food, New Zealand is top class!

New Zealand producers are promoting actions for a sustainable future.
Did you know that along with NZ animals grazing on wide open spaces, New Zealand farmers are working hard towards a sustainable future too, with the sheep and beef sector aiming to become carbon neutral by 2050

When it comes to seafood too New Zealand is globally recognised for its pioneering fisheries management system, which ensures 94 percent of commercial catch comes from sustainable stocks.

In New Zealand, a country that values its connection to the land and sea, everyone lives with an appreciation for nature, believing that when nature is thrives, people thrive, and all producers are always looking to the future and modern ways to promote sustainability.

Integrating food and technology has allowed New Zealand to advance research, harvest, produce, package and transport food to reduce food loss and increase efficiency!

For example, Precision Seafood Harvesting (PSH) technology involves catching fish using a net designed with holes that allow fish to escape that are too small or are not the right species.

It has been great to be able to share the achievements of NZTE with the people of Japan through our PR activities.