In New Zealand, the people share a special connection to the land and sea.
The country’s lush, green pastures, fertile soil, and cool, clear waters, combined with the mindset of “when nature thrives, we all thrive,” allow outstanding, great-tasting nutritious food and drink to be produced and sent around the world. Through our PR activities with New Zealand Trade and Enterpise, we have been helping this message reach the people of Japan.

One of the ways we have been supporting NZTE is through a media event, held on May 16th at the New Zealand Embassy. Titled ‘Encounter the taste of New Zealand’ the event allowed media to gain a better understanding of the delicious and nutritious foods that New Zealand’s magnificent land and sea have nurtured, while have to opportunity to actually taste them.

The event kicked off with a presentation from members of the NZTE Tokyo team, who spoke about the advantages of New Zealand in the Japanese market, and introduced various subsectors of New Zealand food and beverage available in Japan.

The event also introduced special guests,Mr. Junichi Eto, President of Co-op Kyushu Business Union, Ms. Jayne Nakata, Podcaster, Joe-san, Culinary Researcher, as part of a talk panel on their experiences with New Zealand food and beverage.

The three members talked about why New Zealand products are the choice of Japanese consumers and gave tips on how to enrich your daily diet with healthy and nutritious New Zealand products, including reccomended recipes from both Joe-san and Jayne!

Wrapping up the event, guests were invited to ‘shop’ for some New Zealand products on display at the venue.

Along with kiwifruit and apples, New Zealand chocolate and snacks were picked up by guests, and taken home in their own NZTE tote bags.

As well as raising awareness among media of New Zealand food and beverages as a delicious, nutritious, premium and safe option for the tables of their readers, the event also highlighted the availability of New Zealand products already in Japanese supermarkets.

Make sure to keep and eye out for ‘New Zealand-made’ next time you shop!