At Candlewick, we creatively produce a variety of projects and events. This year we held a JAZZ™ Apple family workshop and media tasting with Chef Makoto Irie of the two Michelin-starred restaurant.

At the family cooking workshop, we selected 30 parents and children to partipate. Chef Irie introduced a salad, main course, and dessert using JAZZ™ apples, which everyone enjoyed. We received comments from parents stating, “It was very informative to learn recipes that could easily be made at home! My child was so impressed that her eyes popped out with amazement.” Chef Irie’s JAZZ™ Apple recipes can be found on the JAZZ™ Apple Instagram and Facebbook accounts. Please give it try!

‘In celebration of “JAZZ™ Apple Day,” today we hosted for the third time a JAZZ™ Apple Instagram live by Mizuki, a popular cooking expert and sweets concierge. She introduced her apple crumble recipe, which always tops the list of apple desserts.

During the Instagram live, we get to interact on chat with consumers by answering various questions and comments which is a lot of fun. The Instagram live is archived on JAZZ™ Apple’s Instagram and Facebook accounts, so please take a look and tryout the the apple crumble!

‘In order to introduce the decliciousness of JAZZ™ Apples to a wider audience, we invited the media to expereince a full course dinner made with JAZZ™ Apples by Chef Makoto Irie of the two Michelin-starred restaurant. We invited eight people to a special dinner at ÉPICOUL, a restaurant in Nishi-Azabu that is by reservation only. The eight course dinner was paired with various drinks selected by the chef. The guests gave rave reviews as each dish brought out JAZZ™ Apple’s tangy sweet feature. To top off the dinner, JAZZ™ apple curry was served with a splash of whisky for a surprise change of flavor. For dessert, JAZZ™ apple terrine was served. It had a beautiful gradation of bright colors from the apple peel, which everyone photographed in awe. For ÉPICOUL reservations, please visit link below.